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  1. '68 Fender Bassman (Black-line Drip-edge)

    '68 Fender Bassman (Black-line Drip-edge)

    The amp is a Silverface drip-edge black-line Bassman. The cabinet was in very rough shape, but inside it was unmolested and still had all the factory components. I feel the Fender head cabinet is the prettiest amp cabinet extant. I love the styling. The black-line drip-edge Bassman was the...
  2. Soul Tramp Amplification - Tweed 12

    Soul Tramp Amplification - Tweed 12

    The Tweed 12 is my take on the Fender Tweed Deluxe. I don’t build clones, but the circuit design on the Tweed 12 is fairly close to the original. It’s the one amp in my product line where I can’t claim to have created something entirely new. I have made changes where Fender got it wrong and...

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