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  1. depuis1899

    New Korina Explorers and Vs

    Amen to that. The reason I ordered mine.
  2. depuis1899

    "Spot" '59 burst for sale ...

    It's been for sale for over a year now I think. Probably Matt's asking too much. I just hope to get there in time to try it out:cool:
  3. depuis1899

    Explanation For Finish Peeling on Murphy Lab LPs

    Here's another 'expert' on the matter. So just a heads up guys, all this crazy checking is what you paid for. But the paint falling off is indeed not cool. I can only shake my head to those 'reactions' on YT... why even bother doing a video when you have 0 clue about something ? Oh right, view...
  4. depuis1899

    New Korina Explorers and Vs

    Never been a fan of Trogly. Lots of incorrect information in his first videos, the fact that he said MLP was irrelevant, and the fact that he literally googles for information and asks to get paid for it... but well, there seems to be enough demand for that I guess. On another note: I have my...
  5. depuis1899

    HELP. Gibson Slash AFD VOS or Gibson Bullseye?

    Quite frankly, I'd just keep the AFD and save up for a Bullseye for later. AFD's don't show up at all, and if they do they're overpriced in shops. Bullseyes show up from time to time. Check German websites, I've seen quite a few already. The Epiphone is cool, but it won't be able to compare to...
  6. depuis1899

    HELP. Gibson Slash AFD VOS or Gibson Bullseye?

    If you're not after the value of the guitar and really like the Bullseye, go for it. But it's got a different neckshape and totally different pickups. The feel will be different, a world apart. I've always wanted an AFD, I could never get one. I played one once, and I loved it, but well, it will...
  7. depuis1899

    FS: 2010 Gibson SG Angus Young Signature Thunderstruck Ebony MINT

    Had a 2010 one, and it had an ebondy fretboard. You sure yours doesn't have an ebony fretboard ? I know the later models had rosewood. Beauty, btw !
  8. depuis1899

    EU sellers' thread

    F*** me then, I have two Jaydee's incoming in Summer... I can't remember where, but I had seen an article regarding import/export with the UK, saying that it would stay untaxed until further notice. I may be wrong though. But I get your concern. Add 30% to the value of what you buy when buying...
  9. depuis1899

    EU sellers' thread

    As far as I'm concerned, nothing has been decided about import/export taxes with the UK ( yet ). Unless I missed something.
  10. depuis1899


    Have had two of those ( still have one ) Probably the best Custom Shop SG's I've played ( and I've played many ). I sold my first one like an idiot, and as soon as one surfaced again I snatched it. Absolutely great instrument, the neck is different and makes it really enjoyable ( cause no one...
  11. depuis1899

    WTB: Gibson Lyre Vibrola ( original or reissue ) aged gold

    bump EDIT: Found, can be deleted.
  12. depuis1899

    WTB: Seymour Duncan High Voltage Set ( Europe prefered )

    bump, little late lol, but bump !

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