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  1. fett

    My son's Husky needs $5100 in emergency surgery.

    Boy, am I having mixed feelings. I know the forum is full of pet owners. I used to own dogs and cats. Fortunately, none of them had any expensive medical issues. My personal belief is spending that kind of money on a pet is something I wouldn't do. I know, I will be expected to contribute to the...
  2. fett

    He's playing my H-165 Harmony Geetar. Listen!!

    I found an old acoustic Harmony geetar while wading through my guitars. It has the original case. I did a little research. They are mahogany gems. I found this vid. I have the same guitar and the same fedora and that's about it. :hippie: :rofl:
  3. fett

    This one-armed guy bought a pair of gloves and......

    I snagged some soft light-duty garden gloves because they were 75% off. They are perfect for moving my hundreds of guitars around. I was teasing the nice saleslady that I should get a deeper discount because I only have one hand. She said; "Just turn the one you don't need inside-out." I thought...
  4. fett

    Check out this loaded Chandler pickguard.

    I'm messing with a few of my 600 guitars. I found a guitar I bought years ago. It has an MIJ Fender Contemporary neck from the '80's. A Floyd Rose II trem. It's on a plywood Kramer body. I knew the pups weren't stock. I did a little research on the humbucker. Under the label, it's a Seymour...
  5. fett

    Guitar Body Wood ID help, please.

    I have been wading through a few of the over 600 guitars I own. I found this non-Fender Strat I bought many years ago. It's really well made and pretty heavy. It has old-school Gotoh tuners on it. Anyway, I think this is mahogany, but I am not sure. Thanks. :hippie:
  6. fett

    A Kindergarten Tale.

    Little Owen just started Kindergarten at a public school in Oakland CA. His parents are divorced but they live close-by. It ain't the Cleaver Dream. Daycare was a major concern while they were enrolling Owen. It costs a fortune and requires transporting the kid. Boy, did they luck out!!!!! Drop...
  7. fett

    Will these Kluson tuners fit a '65 SG?

    These are the real deal old single line tuners I have. The ferrule diameter is 1/4". Help. Thanks.
  8. fett

    Hand Sanitizer works!!!!!!

    We all know that I am known for being "Cheap". I bought 5 32oz bottles of the stuff for 69 cents each. I went online to see what other uses there might be for this stuff seeing as how I only have one hand. I just used it to clean my eyeglasses. Perfect!!!! It's supposed to polish silver. I tried...
  9. fett

    Wanna see a really cool guitar?

    I've had this for years. It's MOP!!!
  10. fett

    Boy, Am I glad I didn't see this cartoon in 1955

    I was 5 years old and it would have scared the shit out of me. Give it a watch.
  11. fett

    50's TV Sit-Coms. Things I didn't know.

    I have given up on the news. I'm going back to old TV shows on MeTv and DECADES. I learned something today while watching" The Donna Reed Show." Did you know that her family and Dennis lived in the same town? He came over to help Donna paint the interior of her house. I have proof. :hippie:
  12. fett

    Walmart can bag it. NOT!!!!!

    I went there today to buy my 10 bags of frozen veggies. I told that story about them not having hand baskets so today I brought my own. I got to the checkout stand and there were no plastic bags on the bag wheel. :shock: The checker said they were out of them. I thought she meant just that one...
  13. fett

    I need ID help on this circuit boarded loaded pickguard. Please.

    This pickguard is loaded on a Charvel Model 3 I bought years ago. If I remember correctly, I couldn't get any sound and kinda forgot about it. I have no idea what it is supposed to do. I thought it might need a battery but I don't see where it goes. I am thinking about buying a correct Model 3...
  14. fett

    So you want to move to Boondock and work remotely. A cautionary tale.

    My high school bud, Class of '68, has lived in Truckee CA for 10 or so years. He, retired, and his wife are pretty much set. They have a house worth a million bucks. She is the one I talked about who got aged out of Oracle awhile back. She now has a gig working remotely from home and makes...
  15. fett

    What about we who can't afford AC?

    We all know, I live in a single-wide mobile home 20 miles north of Seattle. It's fairly well insulated. It has double-pane windows. It holds up pretty well during our normal weather pattern. Our region is in for all-time record heat. Think 104F. I'm going to see how I weather this. Today is only...
  16. fett

    They are selling one of Les Paul's balls on eBay.

    We ought to use our Cakecoins to buy this. :hippie:
  17. fett

    Rosewood Neck Poll: A Grain of Truth

  18. fett

    Check out what this guy has for sale.
  19. fett

    Gibby control cover question and maybe ID.

    Hi, Guys. I've been sorta sorting various boxes of guitars parts I have into defined sections. I have some LP cavity covers still in the Mighty Mite bags. I found one brass cover that's smaller than an LP cover. Does it fit a Gibson model or some other thing? Thanks.
  20. fett

    MIM Strat body poly crack or worse.

    Hi. I have a '96 MIM Strat body that has, what I believe, is a crack in the poly finish that is just that and not a split seam in the wood. It looks to me that the crack occurred when guitar was bounced on the strap button. I need your input. Thanks,

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