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  1. 05jrock

    Possibly the best car review on youtube

    I've been watching some reviews of modified cars lately and this video popped up, I found it too good not to share. I think what makes it so good is the guys are really having fun. The guys reaction when he goes for a ride reminded me of when I would take people for a ride in the modified car...
  2. 05jrock

    Online dating. Whats your experiences?

    4 months ago my relationship ended, looking back its not a bad thing. Got to love hindsight huh. Lately I've been thinking about trying online dating again, get myself back out there and see what comes of it. What's your guys experiences with online dating, good or bad?
  3. 05jrock

    James Hetfield returns to rehab
  4. 05jrock

    Mass shooting in New Zealand 40 dead following 'terrorist attack' at two Christchurch mosques People in central Christchurch have been told to stay indoors after gunmen reportedly opened fire at two mosques in...
  5. 05jrock

    1989 Fender HM strat

    So I'm thinking of selling me fender hm strat. Had it for around 8 years and haven't played it much for the last while and thought it might be better off with someone that can give it some attention. Does anyone know what they are worth? I done a google search and the only sales for them that...
  6. 05jrock

    Check your lumps

    About 6 months ago I while having a shave I noticed a small lump on the underside on the left side of my jaw. Went to my gp and he said it is probably a blocked saliva gland, told me to eat sour foods to try and unblock it. 2 weeks later it was still there, back to the gp. He organised an...
  7. 05jrock

    Things to do in Hawaii?

    So me and the Mrs are going to Hawaii and Las Vegas next month. She has been to Vegas already and knows a few good spots to be a tourist, But neither of us has been to Hawaii before. We are staying on the Island Oahu and are there for 7 nights. Anyone here been there before or live there and...
  8. 05jrock

    Australia win 62-0 over USA

    Australia has beaten USA 62-0 in the rugby league world cup. Most of you yanks have probably never heard of the game, its better than nfl. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, losers
  9. 05jrock

    Happy Birthday Harmony

    Happy Birthday to one of the few females that not only tolerates us guys here but has also put quite a few in their place aswel :laugh2::laugh2: Happy Birthday Harmony. Also noted that you share the same birthday as Crazy McLoony Bin. :D
  10. 05jrock

    EVILE new album. Thrash metal goodness

    This album kicks so much ass it aint funny. Evile - Skull [FULL ALBUM] (2013) - YouTube
  11. 05jrock

    Aussie v8supercars racing in Texas

    V8 Supercars - The Official Website Thought some you guys might be interested in watching the Australian v8s racing in Texas this weekend.
  12. 05jrock

    Cairo Knife Fight

    This is a recentley formed band from New Zealand. They only have a couple of songs at the moment. Cairo Knife Fight - The Violence Of Action - YouTube Cairo Knife Fight - Origin Of Slaves - YouTube
  13. 05jrock

    33 years ago today

    The world lost one of the best frontman a band could ever have AC/DC - Rocker - YouTube
  14. 05jrock


    This is a pretty good interview. Skip to around 2min 2012 Quicken Loans Michigan 400 - Marcos Ambrose Vegemite Interview [HD] - YouTube
  15. 05jrock

    International rugby games

    They are being streamed here Live & Free Rugby Streaming Online - NRL 3-Nations 6-Nations Rugby Games Online Just make sure you have a good popup blocker. Watch the Southern hemisphere smash the Northern hemisphere :D NZ vs Ireland Australia vs Wales South Africa vs England Argentina...
  16. 05jrock

    Happy Birthday Harmony

    Happy Birthday mate :thumb: Hope you have a really good birthday. And its also the birthday of Crazy McLooneyBin. Wish he would make a return :laugh2::laugh2:
  17. 05jrock

    Planet of the Apes

    Could happen sooner than you think Ape With AK-47 - YouTube
  18. 05jrock

    Biker joke

    A tough looking group of bikers were out riding when they saw a woman about to jump off a bridge... so they stopped and parked their Harleys. Their leader, a big burly man, gets off his bike and says, "What are you doing?" "I'm going to commit suicide," she says. While he didn't want...
  19. 05jrock

    Build your very own powered model aircraft

    A friend emailed this to me. Seemed too good not to share.
  20. 05jrock

    Drinking games

    Anyone got a favourite drinking game? I learnt of a new one today called "possum" Your drinking group sit up a tree drinking.They fall out drunk 1 by 1.The last one left up the tree wins.

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