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  1. eddie_bowers

    How many custom silverburst were produced?

    well in the last 7 or so years it appears to me to have yellowed more than the first 30. it does spend a lot of time in its case when not being actively played. It’s still not bad though. I should get an updated photo.
  2. eddie_bowers

    How many custom silverburst were produced?

    its hilarious indeed. Compared to what my main guitar is now (LP with P90s) though this guitar is super mellow sounding. this is the guitar about 25 years later.
  3. eddie_bowers

    How many custom silverburst were produced?

    OK, now I have to share my senior photo with mine (84 LP, but photo in 86) :laugh2:
  4. eddie_bowers

    How many custom silverburst were produced?

    Mine is an 84 with the stock flip out winders and Gibson branded Khaler tremolo. If I could go back in time I would not have ordered it with the tremolo, but it is a bit unique. Great stock Shaws in that thing.
  5. eddie_bowers

    “Dorothy” restoration?

    I am very confused by the “Dorothy” restoration. Did they drill into the top to add a different type bridge? Yikes! I’m sure it’s more playable, but the top was something that survived without much damage. Restoring Dorothy
  6. eddie_bowers

    Murphy Lab Finish Repair - Not!

    Looks like Gibson is just blaming customers for the issue:
  7. eddie_bowers

    Opinions on noiseless Strat pickups

    Kinman if you have the money, but the Dimarzio “Area” pickups are quite good. Very straty.
  8. eddie_bowers

    Anyone else an oddball?

    Exactly. Everyone who picks up my guitar comments on the high action. Plus notes don’t quite bloom the way they should when I dig in if the action is low.
  9. eddie_bowers

    How Did You Find Your Best Middle Position Tones?

    On my P90 LP is just happens. On my HB LP I'm actually doing a bit of trick wiring so that both tone controls are not in the circuit when in the middle. It gives me a louder brighter middle position.
  10. eddie_bowers

    Is it time to try a Compressor pedal again?

    Until I tried a DynaComp I wasn’t finding a compressor that worked for me. Turns out I wanted something less transparent. A Dynacomp can almost sound like a light overdrive but with better sustain. I never pair it with distortion.
  11. eddie_bowers

    Faber Locking ABR-1... Any Reason Not To?

    I like the spacers a lot, but ended up using the old zinc tailpiece.
  12. eddie_bowers

    IR loader pedal ideas.... please help!!

    I have been trying out the Mooer Radar for just this purpose. It works great (just disable the power amp simulator). of course you can always mic it.
  13. eddie_bowers

    Cant find the sound with my chambered standard...

    This has nothing to do with chambering. It’s all the pickups.
  14. eddie_bowers

    Yay or nay on decking the stopbar

    It all depends on the neck angle for me (which varies widely). If it’s low I raise the stop bar. If it’s high I would deck and top wrap. I have one that has an extremely low neck angle and there is no way I could top wrap it with the bar decked.
  15. eddie_bowers

    Pickup Imbalance After Setup

    He probably measured your action before the truss rod adjustment. To restore the action after the change the bridge would have to come up. That puts the bridge pickup a tiny bit further away from the strings than before.
  16. eddie_bowers

    Best P90 Gibson guitar?

    That Les Paul CPP has an ideal neck angle. So many are too steep and the bridge P90 has to sit ridiculously high. Nice!
  17. eddie_bowers

    Best P90 Gibson guitar?

    Man! Kinman P90s ROCK! I have his original thicker versions in mine. Just fantastic.
  18. eddie_bowers

    Gibson lumber supplier?

    Leave those poor trees alone. They are older than you. Things have value outside of money.
  19. eddie_bowers

    Best aftermarket PIO caps?

    K40Y or K42Y all the way. Cheap, always measure within tolerance. Sound like PIO should.
  20. eddie_bowers

    Rehoused my Blues JR in a bigger custom cab.

    I probably could have built it myself, but I hadn’t done it before or applied tweed, so I payed someone to do it. It’s All pine and finger joints. It’s no heavier than the smaller original cabinet. I think it was plywood. You can hear how more resonant the new one is just by tapping the sides...

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