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    Strap button placement

    I am always wondering why almost all brands and models have the strap pins at the 2D wrong points. Not talking about SG etc... 1. I'm not about longitudinal balance (it is separate and rather std talk about the neck and body weight balance), I mean rotational weight balance. Guitar's top is...
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    Weird Intonation Problem

    Replace the string. The string must be not twisted or bent. Intonation at the 12th fret (octave) is not a point of reference, the real mid of the string ON the neck is around the 8th fret (depends on the number of frets). Look for the best intonation compromise in between all frets. Do not tune...
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    Alnico magnets...

    No one "the same" magnet is the same. Like no one tube is the same. No one coil is the same too. No one guitar is the same. No one setup is the same. Very complex game, subjective "science", knowledge and some measurements help, we know directions but even then almost alchemy... Good luck in...
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    Pot value in a 2021 Custom Shop Les Paul?

    The precision of the potentiometer value +/-10...20% is not so important factor, depends more on pickup impedance. Higher pickup impedance needs a higher value of the potentiometer(s). It is a subjective question on the brightness taste too. Much more depends on the potentiometer's taper. The...
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    What Is It About The Les Paul That Makes It Special?

    Diagonal tunnel cutting LP body almost in half. Starting from the toggle switch cavity, connecting it with the neck & bridge pickup cavities, the electronics (potentiometers) cavity, and ending with the jack hole. The result is a more complex vibration contour and richer (more harmonics) tone.
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    Tapered pots, how they work and is one better than the other

    10% std audio tapers are a little bit to "audio" for guitars. In my opinion around 20-25% works better. It is a compromise between std 10% audio taper and std 50% linear taper. Some manufacturers (including Bourns) are marking this "audio" % number following way: 10A500K = 10% audio taper...
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    Epiphone 57CH technical analysis

    Thanks for done work Antigua! Deeper analysis and detailed measurements of used Alnico magnets (are you sure it is A5 ?) would be very important (for me the best are approx "half-charged" Alnico magnets). 57CH have some more negative nuances: brass base plate, magnetic carbon-steel rear coil...
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    Cleaning up the muddy tone in my Les Paul Supreme? [SOLVED]

    Overwound pickups are sounding duller, 498T is such overwound 14+k dc pickup. Use 500+k log (Audio or A) taper Volume pots, or even 1meg log pot for 498T pickup. Use 500k log "no-load" for the Tone pots. Use serial ~820pF ~240k "treble bleed" circuits on Volume pots. Use ~12nF Tone cap for the...
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    2020 Strap Lock Suggestions

    Dunlop strap-locks with the large button are the best in many aspects: safe, universal large button ready for any strap, quiet, distancing strap from the body - providing more weight balance stability and less damping body with strap. Schallers are ok, especially the new ones, the older version...
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    Vintage correct components?

    Concerning potentiometers: You need special compromise 20-25-30% "audio" taper (in between std A=10% audio and B=50% linear) pots, one more question is right torque, lighter for Volume pots and medium for Tone pots. CTS and/or BOURNS can manufacture such pots under special order. Value: 300-500k...
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    Vintage 1956 Goldtop With Cornell Dubilier Tone Caps

    Caps and especially black tubing are looking to fresh (shiny) after 63 years... Maybe you cleaned them?
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    Linear or Audio Taper Pots

    There are three basic tapers for potentiometers - "Linear" (B), "Logarithmic" (A - audio) and "Anti-logarithmic" (C - left hand reverse audio). But all above tapers can be rather different and even if this difference is noted does not mean it is precisely so. "Linear" pots include so named "S"...
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    Did I Just Buy A Fake Les Paul Custom? 2003 LPC Content and Pics

    Some case there is a reason to reverse just some saddles to win a little bit more space for intonation adjustment. Especially on narrow ABR-1 bridge. Guitar is original, but headstock is terrible quality (maybe something done with it...). Bridge, pickups, pots and switch are original. Original...
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    Peavey Classic 30 Amp Problem!

    I was writing about the older version. But the cooling problem is the same with the new version. Normal passive air circulation can be solved rather easily. Chassis must be lowered by some 5-6mm. Drill four new holes for side screws, and add four 5-6mm thick rubber washers in between chassis and...
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    Peavey Classic 30 Amp Problem!

    Peavey Classic 30 is one of the world's worst designed/constructed/made, less handy serviceable amp forever. 1. SERIAL tube heaters !!! It means you must sort tubes by hot (!!!) heater resistance (measuring the divided /respective on 3 and-or 4/ voltage on heaters). And it is impossible on this...
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    Gibson Sues Funko POP Figures

    They must pay Funko for so excellent advertisement !

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