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  1. mjross

    WTB Left handed “60” Reissue Les Paul

    Looking for a “60” Reissue Les Paul for sale at a REASONABLE price! Let me know if you have anything. [email protected]
  2. mjross

    Are “60” Reissues Les Pauls more rare than “58” or “59” ?

    I’ve been trying to complete my lefty Les Paul Reissue collection and having trouble finding “60” Reissues. Are the “60” Reissues harder to find in normal times or is it like everything else right now. Thanks for your time!
  3. mjross

    Gibson Demo Shop is Killin It

    Just went through the sold listings on the Reverb Gibson Demo Shop. Damn, Gibson is killin it, I went through heaven knows how many pages of sold guitars before I got tired. Lots of interesting one off stuff, looks like I’m going to have to pay better attention. This must be Gibsons answer to...
  4. mjross

    What pickups would a 2003 Les Paul 3 pickup Black Beauty have installed

    I’ve been trying to find info on the pickups installed in the 2003 triple pickup Black Beauty Les Paul but can not find much. I’m really liking the tone but I’m not sure what pickups were installed at the time. The guitar is totally stock. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. mjross

    Interesting! The Gibson Mod Collection

    I find it interesting what Gibson is doing here! Some pretty interesting “outside the box” creations here...
  6. mjross

    NGD… I had to do it!

    Been trying to find a “57” Gold Top Lefty for a while now. Found a real nice Frost Blue “57” and thought, this will work. It’s just a fantastic guitar, very unique and absolutely stunning! OK, I’ve got to quit cruising the “usual suspect” guitar sites. Sure as hell, I buy the Frost Blue “57”...
  7. mjross

    Guitar Stock, what next…
  8. mjross

    NGD Frost Blue “57” Reissue M2M

    Just thought I’d post this as I thought it was unique and a very nice color for a change on a “57”. Just bought it so I have no idea how she plays yet. Just though it was pretty cool in this color.
  9. mjross

    Burny RSG-140JP What can you tell me about them?

    I’ve been looking at doubleneck guitars and was wondering if any of you fine people have any experience with the Burny RSG-140JP, it‘s the Jimmy Page model. Not very familiar with Burny guitars. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  10. mjross

    Information on this guitar!

    I’m looking at this guitar and wondering if any of you very knowledgeable guitar gurus can tell me anything about it. It’s supposedly an ”83” “57” Reissue. Looks kind of interesting! Thanks for your time.
  11. mjross

    On the lighter side, shipping

    Received a 57 BB triple pickup I’ve been waiting for. Thought I’d share what the box looked like when it arrived. Check out what it says where the box has a chunk missing. Is it me or does it appear that someone is trying to make a statement. Luckily enough, the guitar arrived undamaged! Sheez…
  12. mjross

    2017 Les Paul Standard “T”, looking for input

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a 2017 Les Paul Blueberry Burst Standard “T”. I’ve done my research but just wondering what you that own them think. Thanks for your time!
  13. mjross

    Any guess on what year this is?

    Just purchased a Black Triple pickup “57” Les Paul reissue. The serial is 731082. Any idea what year this might be (2003)? Thanks for your time!
  14. mjross

    New Gibson Cases

    In case you have not seen this yet! My apologies if it’s old news...
  15. mjross

    New Gibson Cases

    In case you have not seen this! My apologies if it’s old news...
  16. mjross

    NGD EVH USA Wolfgang

    Just received my EVH USA Wolfgang! Since EVH is not with us any more thought I had better grab one of these before the price gets out of hand like most USA guitars lately. Not exactly sure what’s going on but prices are getting a little crazy. Prices I thought were too high a couple years ago...
  17. mjross

    NGD Just Purchased an R6 Les Paul Gold Top

    Just got a wild hair a few minutes ago and purchased an R6 Gold Top. I’ve never been a P90 guy always liked humbuckers, but thought I’d give it a try. Pretty excited to give it a spin. Any input would be appreciated!
  18. mjross

    New Les Paul Modern, what do you think?

    Quick question for those of you that have the new Les Paul Moderns, what do you think? I know that it is a departure from the norm but those of you that have them have probably more than likely had them long enough now to give some informative input. Thanks for your time!
  19. mjross

    Gibson SGS3 as new, just won’t work for a lefty

    I have a NOS Gibson SGS3 that I truly love but have to sell. I’m a lefty and buy a lot of right handed guitars hoping that they will play upside down. Some do some do not! I’m a deco freak and love ANYTHING DECO and bought this for that reason among others. It’s an absolutely beautiful SG and...

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