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  1. joedonner2001

    Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute P-90

    Has anyone tried or bought one of these? Opinions? Just wondering what you think. I quite like the simplified specs on it (apart from chrome hardware) and am toying with the idea of buying one. Either that or a new LP Junior.
  2. joedonner2001

    2006-2007 Historic Reissue prices

    Can anyone remember what street prices typically were for new R8s and R9s in 2006/2007? Thanks.
  3. joedonner2001

    WTB: MojoAxe 50's Style Compensated Tailpiece (UK)

    I'm in the UK, and looking for one of these. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks.
  4. joedonner2001

    DMC pickup covers

    These just recently came off one of my guitars. The Interwebs are nice enough to tell me that different versions were made, and I've seen mention of versions 1, 1.5(?), and 2. Any idea which version these might be, assuming that they are actually what they appear to be? Looking at...
  5. joedonner2001

    LP model deciphering

    What do you all reckon LP5MCTANH1 stands for? LP = Les Paul 5 = 50's neck MC = ?? TA = Trans Amber NH = Nickel hardware 1 = I've read "normal production model" or "not factory second" or "not historic" Thanks.
  6. joedonner2001

    Bow drill fire success

    One of the things I had on my list to do before the old age home beckons. Finally - success! I'm stoked, my right arm is totally shagged, and my daughter is suitably impressed after initially expressing serious doubts about this particular venture. :thumb:
  7. joedonner2001

    The Temperance Movement and some good mojo

    I have a bit of a feel-good story to share. At least, I feel pretty damn good about it. As some of you may or may not know, my 7-year old is autistic and he's proper quirky. He is non-verbal, and shows absolutely no interest in watching television, for example, and on Youtube he will only...
  8. joedonner2001

    Post apocalyptic poster

    I made this today. I don't know why. Sat in front of the laptop, and it just happened. Ray gun pics "borrowed" from the Internet - not mine.
  9. joedonner2001

    Pebble ain't happy

    Warning: Contains obscene language and lots of it. :lol:
  10. joedonner2001


    Warren Haynes ES-335. Needs some tweaking and generally getting used to, but very sweet, indeed. Lovely neck profile. Not too thick, not too thin - feels just right to me.
  11. joedonner2001

    Warren Haynes '61 ES-335 neck profile?

    I'm hunting for one of these, and I've read varying opinions about the neck profile on these. My reference would be my current 2013 R8's half-a-telephone-pole sized neck, a Traditional Faded with a rather-on-the-skinny-side 50's neck, and the last SG Custom I had which had a shallow 60's...
  12. joedonner2001

    Gibson ES-335 1963 50th Anni serial numbers help

    I've been looking at some demo videos of this model, which I believe came out in 2013 (funnily enough :thumb:), but the serial numbers seem somewhat strange to me. E.g. from various Wildwood videos: 08533 37133 28342 15914 02056 08561 What's the trick to understanding them? I...
  13. joedonner2001

    ES-333 neck profile

    I'm trying to make up my mind about buying what seems to be a really nice ES-333. Reading up about them in more detail, now that one is actually available, I've come across various posts on various forums stating that the 333 generally has a slightly thicker neck profile than the 335 (even...
  14. joedonner2001

    "2016: Gibson's Best Ever Year"...

    ...says the email I received. Well, the Explorer looks pretty nice, right? Wrong. The f... - what??
  15. joedonner2001

    Good guitar repair/setup book for the bored?

    Can anyone recommend me a good book about guitar repairs and setups and so on to read? I think it's about time I do that, even if just to keep me busy for a while. I think probably leaning more towards setups and such, rather than actual repairs, though. Much appreciated, in advance.
  16. joedonner2001


    Chris Mintz - here's someone who deserves it.
  17. joedonner2001

    Sysadmin/Network Support vacancy in Boston

    The company I work for has a vacancy for a Sysadmin/Network Support role in Boston. We've not had many applications, surprisingly, so I'm thinking maybe I'll mention it here FWIW. I hope this is ok to do - I'm not actually sure. Mods - feel free to delete if it's against the rules for some...
  18. joedonner2001

    Spider web picture

    Was up early this morning, and noticed the sun shining down on a spider web in the garden. Took a snap using Retrica (which unfortunately seems to crash when trying to enable high-res in its settings) on the iPhone. I think it's kinda cool. That's all I got. Ok, bye.
  19. joedonner2001

    Too close for comfort

    As the commentator said: "Holy sh*t."
  20. joedonner2001

    Gibson ES-335 vs. Gretsch Panther

    It's been on my mind a long time that at some point I want to get a semi-hollow type guitar - not necessarily a Gibson, though. Any chance there's someone here who own both an ES-335 and a Gretsch Panther, and who can impart some wisdom on how they compare? Thanks! This looks so sweet...

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