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    What finish lacquer do you use?

    Hey guys, I've done some searching and found someone through mutual friends who has a spray booth and is willing to spray the burst with/for me for my build. I'm un sure as to what to provide. Obviously Nitrocellulose lacquer is the first finishing lacquer that comes to mind, but it seems pretty...
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    FREE Gold MOP Inlays (here's the catch)

    Hey! If you're reading this- I've got these beautiful Gold (or even aged) Mother Of Pearl Inlays and I want to give them away mainly because I don't need them w/ my build and I'll have to attach a photo in the coming days but the first inlay already cracked and I glued it back together but it...
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    HELP NEEDED: Hand Rubbed Stains

    Hey, I'm doing some modelling and testing and practicing a bourbon burst and just figuring out how the stain works with the maple I have. I have some questions and issues however: So this is a Gibson model that I really like and I'm taking inspiration from w/ regards to the burst. And there are...
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    SELLING Gold MOP Trapezoid Inlays BRAND NEW $35 AUD (Negotiable)

    Hey there! if you're interested in buying some 1.5mm thick Gold Mother Of Pearl Trapezoid Inlays: I'll be selling them for around $35 AUD (excluding shipping) although the price is negotiable. This (unfortunately) is the only photo I have of the inlays but if you're interested, let me know and I...
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    Building A Les Paul

    Hey everyone! I'm only new here (as you may be able to tell). I'm still figuring out how the website works and all that jazz. I'm in my final year of school and building a Les Paul guitar and I'm very excited but I want to get all the help I can get too! I have already cut the Mahogany in half...

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