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    Les Paul pickup selector crackling. Pick guard static.

    This is basically a FYI for those wondering.It is cold out and my pickup selector is crackling badly when I use it and and my pick guard has static when touched.I know the air in the room is a little dry.Seeing how I took the pick guard off my other Les Paul just because I like the look better I...
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    NGD 2020 Satin Honeyburst Tribute With Pics.

    2 pics came from Sweetwater after I ordered it and 2 pics I took after I conditioned the fretboard and top wrapped it.Interesting classic round(maple)neck.I would say it's a little bit less beefy than a 50's neck.Thought I would not like the neck but after a while and some muscle memory I like...
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    Marshall MG50GFX 50 watt combo 12 inch speaker swap(WGS)

    Wanted a non tube amp for backup just in case for some reason tubes became hard to buy(covid 19).Must say with the new WGS Veteran 30 speaker it sounds almost ...almost....did I say good as a DSL40(blasphemy!!!!).Of course too make the amp shine you need a good guitar with good...
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    Avatar 2x12 cab with Plug n Play and WGS mixed speakers

    Ordered this "plug and play "from Amazon.Only way it would fit into the stock holes is sideways.Gives you all sorts of options for different OHM hookups.4 OHM mono/16 OHM mono/8 OHM mono/8 OHM stereo.Avatar cabs sells this as an option if you order from them.I bought this cab before they had...
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    Marshall DSL40C speaker upgrade WGS Veteran 30

    I know I have said how I liked the stock speaker but I had to try a WGS Vereran 30 speaker(60 watts).Its a big improvement in tone.It is WGS's upgrade of a Celestion V30.Magnet is a lot bigger compared to the stock speaker.Seems like this speaker was made for this amp.
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    Marshall DSL 40C Transformers

    Some pics of the transformers.Just FYI info.First time posting pics so be nice!! 3 Pics are Power and 2 pics are Output.Ruler begins at the edge of the plates not the end of the transformer.
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    Marshall DSL40 Combo purchase

    Couldnt imagine what killer tones that could come out of a bone stock amp! Amps quiet to(hiss,shhhh) and what fun to play.Good reviews on the Marshall forum about reliability so far.Not going to mod anything on this amp.Tubes and speaker are fine.Probably put a fan in it which I do in all my...
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    Fender and Marshall tones decision

    If you really like Fendery clean tones and you like a good Marshall crunch the question is would you get an amp that does do Fendery clean tones and a decent Marshall type crunch tone or get an amp that does awesome Marshall crunch and overall good clean tone? Without pedals.Thanks.
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    Amp makers that have their ON,OFF and STANDBY switch in the back of the amp

    Thats such a huge turnoff(ha!!:laugh2:)My next amp purchase will have the switches in front.Its just so much more convenient,it really is!!!!
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    What do you think is the best wattage tube amp for gigging and home use COMBINED?

    So for you experienced giggers if you had to pick one amp that you can transport to gigs fairly easily and cut it with the band and then bring that same rig home and get decent tones without earbleeding,what WATTAGE tube amp do you think is the best of BOTH worlds?Thanks.This thread is tied to...
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    Analogman Astrotone FUZZ pedal,saweeeeet!!

    I wish I could post a video,but you can watch a couple of them on his analogman website of this fuzz pedal.It has silicon transistors in it from around 1966,and he tweaks the pedal to sound better(read analogmans description).Also someone recomends playing the pedal for a day to blow the cobwebs...
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    EL84 amps suck,too thin sounding and cant keep up when gigging

    Why is it I read that from amp builders on the amp building forums?And the reason builders ARE building them is mainly for the demand of them(gotta make a buck) by bedroom players.
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    Dare you to look inside your Wah Wah pedal ,YUK!!!!!!!

    Put your wah in the heel down position and take a look at whats going on in their!!!! Man,mines loaded with all sorts of fuzz,hair(cat,dog)and crapola.Needless to say I cleaned it out.
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    I have a 1x12 cab,need a tube amp head suggestions please

    I have a 1x12 open back cab loaded with a wgs reaper 30 watt 16 ohm speaker,looking for a tube amp up to 20 watts(want to be safe)to sit on top of it.Besides recomending me the amp you own are their any amps that you can recomend that pique(to arouse an emotion) your interest? I am not into vox...
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    Acoustic sound hole,woods inside smelling sweet

    The smell of the woods inside my acoustic guitar smells so sweet,do you find yourself taking a sniff more than usual?
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    Does anybody plug their acoustic guitar into a regular guitar amp?

    I have a electric/acoustic guitar coming and was wondering if plugging into my regular electric setup is a bad idea(or even if it works)just until I purchase a real acoustic amp.The acoustic has a under saddle pickup.Thanks.S64
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    The OFFICIAL Marshall Class 5 Rocks thread#2.Please post your pics and videos!!!

    I really dig the Marshall class 5 amp,I have the 2nd edition head.This amp really smokes!!!Can you guys post pictures of your Marshall class 5 amp,your setup,tips,tubes,videos,just talk about it,etc.Thanks!!!
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    Lets get something straight,the Marshall class 5 ROCKS!!!!

    Their is not a amp in the world that you can post that everybody will agree on.I have seen people trash Dumbles,Bogners,Marshalls,Fenders,you name it and the Marshall class 5.You have your opinion,and everybody has theirs.If you go by lets say polling,the class 5 would score high on the rockin...
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    Stacking reverb pedals

    If you really want to experience some reverb,try putting 2 different reverb pedals in a row in your stomp box chain and set both up diiferently and on at the same time.Wow!!!!!Your in for some really EXPANDED reverb tones!!!!!
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    I just shoveled through a 5 foot snow drift,WHEW!!!!!!

    Got up this morning and my car was gone,well actually buried under snow.They didnt plow the street either.Guess I'll have to play my guitar today instead of going to work....

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