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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    54... but I got my first RI when I was 50.
  2. 1all's Pub

    M2M program alive?

    I was just at the Gibson Garage in Nashville a couple weeks ago... they had a whole section dedicated to the Custom Shop and to the M2M program where you could order a M2M guitar directly from the Gibson Garage... so no, it’s not been phased out. Maybe that particular dealer whose video you...
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    How many Les Pauls have you owned and what are/were they?

    My list (in order of the guitar’s model year—not in order of my acquisition, and not counting Epiphone LPs): 2009 Traditional Pro - Vintage Burst 2010 Custom - Silverburst 2011 Traditional - Iced Tea Burst 2012 Traditional - Light Burst 2014 Standard - Heritage Cherry Sunburst 2014 Standard -...
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    Gibson 2018 R8 = Brandonwound 59 Clones in aged nickel covers (unpotted) thru a ThroBak wiring harness with 500k pots and real Bumblebee caps (.022uF (B) / .015uF (N)) 2016 Trad = Bare Knuckle Mules in uncovered double creams (unpotted) thru the factory wiring harness (though IIRC correctly I...
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    2021 R9 Finish Bleeding into Binding

    It’s been my understanding that Gibson USA uses plasticizers, but Custom Shop does not use them on the Reissues (can’t say one way or the other if they are used on other CS guitars). If anything, I’d think that the plasticizers would help prevent bleeding (and USA models do not bleed). Oh...
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    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    The one who made me realize guitars were cool was none other than the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley. My parents grew up in the 50s and were huge Elvis fans and thus he was my first introduction to rock & roll (& music in general, really). Whether with an acoustic or an electric (ie, the...
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    Monster tops without stripes

    My 2018 R8 does have some stripes but they are not its predominant feature. :D
  8. 1all's Pub

    Tell me about the 2018s...

    Like any year there will be good ones and bad ones. I am very happy with my 2018 R8. It was very good from the factory, but even better with a new ThroBak harness and some Brandonwound 59 clone PAFs. :D
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    Bare Knuckle Mules.

    Yep, I have some unpotted double cream Mules in my 2016 Trad. They are fabulous!
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    How Long Has Gibson Chambered Les Paul Customs and Why?

    The 490/498 set is a great hard rock/metal combo. IMO, they are as good as (or better) than any of the comparable aftermarket high output options. As for chambering LPCs... nah, as Tim said, that’s just marketing-speak for good old fashioned 9-hole weight relief.
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    NGD - CS Historic 2018

    Wow! Congrats! That must’ve been an agonizing 7 months!!! I could never have done that. Wouldn’t have lasted 7 days! HNGD!
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    Psychological issues with LP's

    New/old... either can be good or bad. They‘ve made gems and turds every year of production. Modern social media and forums like this have made for a hyper critical environment for the modern buyer to navigate. Truth is, the modern LPs are some damn fine instruments. They have (and have...
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    2018 Murphy painted R9 with double white throbaks and pickguard installed

    Congrats and HNGD! Killer color & top. Love the double whites!
  14. 1all's Pub

    NGD: Gibson Custom Shop 59

    Congrats and HNGD! She’s a looker!
  15. 1all's Pub

    10k to spend what should I buy ?

    A switch tip from a real 59 Burst! :laugh2: That’s where all their magical tone comes from anyway!:hmm:
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    2020 Lemon burst R8 pics

    Just another boring symmetrical chevron-topped RI, meh. ;) J/K!!!!! :p That thing is bloody awesome! Stunning! Congrats and belated HNGD!
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    Could you pick your guitar out of a line-up?

    Yes, without a doubt I could pick mine out... I know all the little visual idiosyncrasies of mine. :)
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    Pick guard damage

    Yep, common issue, but the OP’s example is the worst I’ve seen. :(
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    Ohhh sweet Lord who would do this??? (SiIverburst Abuse - be warned)

    As a big fan of SBs, this both saddens and sickens me! :confused: Some folks are dumber than a bag of hammers! :facepalm:
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    Custom Buckers - not a fan? Am I the only one?

    I’ve had 4 RIs with CBs and while none were “bad” per se, none were really what I was looking for either and each guitar was improved by the swapping in some good boutique PAF clones. The OP’s description as “flubby in the lows” seems to fit my experience as well. I can usually dial-out most...

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