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  1. ESchmidt

    England or Italy??

    So, who will win tonight?
  2. ESchmidt

    FS: Aged Telecaster partscaster

    Hello Everyone, I have for sale an aged Telecaster partscaster I put together. It was made with all high-end parts and plays and sounds wonderfully. This guitar also comes with a vintage 1960s Fender orange lined case. If you havent hear of BloomDoom aged bodies, they are finished by Dustin...
  3. ESchmidt

    NGD: 1960 Schulte LP replica

    Hello All, I recently acquired a hand made 1960 Eric Schulte LP replica guitar. This particular one was made in 1993. Also, I use the term "replica" loosley here. There are certainly a few sketchy measurments on this one--things like inlay shape and size, knob placemant, neck pickup...
  4. ESchmidt

    FS: Wizz bridge pickup

    Hello all, I’m selling my Wizz PAF bridge pickup. I bought the set to get the neck pickup for a tele build. The pickup is 8.06 on my meter. The pictures and info are in the Reverb link. Price for MLP members is $150 shipped/PayPal’d. I pay shipping and fees. PM me...
  5. ESchmidt

    FS: aged Duncan 59 set nickel

    Hello all, I recently upgraded to a set of Wizz PAFs in my Heritage, so selling the stock Duncan 59s. Details are in the link to my Reverb ad. I have perfect feedback there and have been buying/selling here for years. I can do $100 selling them on the forum vs Reverb, just PM me. Also worth...
  6. ESchmidt

    Duncan Bonamassa Amos pickups?

    Hey everyone. Was wondering if anyone has tried the Duncan “Amos” pickups, especially in a Les Paul? If so, what are your impressions? I am intrigued by the alnico 6 magnets.
  7. ESchmidt

    FS: MJT aged telecaster

    Hello Everyone, I am putting up for sale my parts telecaster. It is set up PERFECTLY and professionally with 11s, there is no string buzz whatsoever and the neck is straight and true. It has a nice MJT finish in candy apple red. It is aged, and looks very convicing in person. It is not...
  8. ESchmidt

    WTB: boutique telecaster pickups

    Hey everyone. Looking for a set of boutique tele pickups for a parts caster build I’m doing. They must be aged/reliced as to match the rest of the MJT build. I also prefer medium/medium hot pickups. Nothing low wound please. Shoot me a PM with what you have and a price and maybe we can work...
  9. ESchmidt

    Throbak dogear P90 with Throbak wiring harness--CHEAP

    Hello everyone, I have an aged Throbak dogear p90 (9.0k) and Throbak wiring harness that I purchesed new but ended up scrapping the project. Both the pickup and harness are abosolutely brand new, never soldered upon. Here is a link to the Reverb ad I made, I would be willing to take $150...
  10. ESchmidt

    FS: 1998 players grade '57 Les Paul Junior Custom Shop Reissue

    Hello everyone, For your consideration is a 1998 players grade (headstock repair) custom shop LP junior singlecut. Here is a link to the Reverb ad with pictures: Price is $1399 for my MLP brothers and sisters out...
  11. ESchmidt

    Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Surfer Stratocaster pickups

    Hello all, I have for a sale a BRAND NEW, never used set of Duncan Antiquity II strat pickups. They are on Reverb with pictures, but if anyone here wants them I will do $180 shipped on them here to my MLP brothers and sisters. Not a bad deal as they got for around $265 new. Shipping will be via...
  12. ESchmidt

    NGD 1961 Les Paul Custom Reissue

    Hello Everyone I recently picked up this '98 1961 Les Paul Custom Reissue. Yes, I know its an SG, but "technically" its a Les Paul so I posted it here. I purchased it bone stock and have made some upgrades to give it a bit more of a vintage vibe and flavor. I had a lot of fun putting this...
  13. ESchmidt

    Tarback pickup question

    Hello everyone. I’ve got a question regarding a trio of tarback pickups I recently purchased. They read out at 15k, 14k, and 11k on my meter. Is this normal? The ones I have seen before all read out in the 7 range. Thanks for your help!
  14. ESchmidt

    FS: 2017 CME LP Standard Pearly Gates makeover

    Hello Everyone, I am offering up for sale my 2017 custom shop CME Les Paul Standard guitar. It has been through the makeover process at BadMojo Vintage Makeovers. The original serial number is CME 70097. The serial number was changed to reflect the original Pearly Gates 1959 serial number of...
  15. ESchmidt

    FS: ReWind Low Output PAFs w/ Throbak covers

    Hello everyone, I am downsizing my gear and blowing out a few items at good prices. I have a set of ReWind Low Output PAFs for sale. They have double cream bobbins below the covers. The covers are Throbak. They measure 7.79k for the bridge and 7.37k for the neck. The leads are long enough...
  16. ESchmidt

    FS: Bartlett M-69 pickup rings

    Hello everyone, I am downsizing my gear and consequently have extra parts sitting around. Because of this, I am blowing out some stuff below market value. I have a pair of aged Bartlett rings that I will sell for $100 (firm) shipped in the CONUS only. I will incur all PayPal fees and...
  17. ESchmidt

    Black beauty pickup ring question

    Hello all, Which sized pickup ring was used on the middle PAF on a three pickup black beauty custom? Was it the shallow neck ring, the 1/2” bridge ring, or the 3/8” ring used on guitars such as the es335? Thanks!
  18. ESchmidt

    Source for M-69 tall pickup ring screws?

    Hello everyone I am in need of new pickup ring screws for the tall M-69 bridge ring for my historic. I’ve changed out pickups a few times so the heads are stripping and thus making the screw unusable. I am having a tough time sourcing them. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be...
  19. ESchmidt

    FS--2003 Fender Stratocaster "Crash 1" SOLD

    Hello everyone. I have a 2003 Fender Stratocaster here for sale. It utilizes both USA and Mexico parts, see Reverb listing for full details. I am willing to give a price break to MLP members. Check out my feedback on Reverb and I have many references here on MLP as well, so make an offer...
  20. ESchmidt

    NGD 1998 R6 Road Warrior

    Hello everyone. I recently acquired this beauty via Reverb about a week ago. It is a 1998 R6, all stock except the pickups which are Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90s. As you can see this guitar has really been put through the paces, just look at all that natural wear on the neck and back of the...

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