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  1. Duane.S

    Router bits; look at this bad dad..

    That is what I thought. It may work well for deep cuts / removing a lot of material. I also wonder if because it has many small teeth it may also reduce tear out?
  2. Duane.S

    My New Duplicating Carver

    That is a very nice machine, looks to have held up well during it's busy life. Have you had any problems with the linear rails or bearings? What do you do for maintenance to keep it running smooth? Thanks.
  3. Duane.S

    My New Duplicating Carver

    Most duplicating carvers have an x axes (left, right) and y axes (backwards, forwards) and the z axes (up, down) usually pivots (rotates) on the y axis. To accurately duplicate the shape it is useful to index along the x axis so that you get an even carve but it is not necessary. So, there is...
  4. Duane.S

    My New Duplicating Carver

    That sounds like a lot of machining of the aluminum plate. I'm planning on making mine out of Baltic birch plywood and have a Z axis that moves vertically to be able to do control cavities, pickup routes, binding ledges, etc. Here is my cad model, still early in the design. When I get ready to...
  5. Duane.S

    My New Duplicating Carver

    Thanks anyways.
  6. Duane.S

    My New Duplicating Carver

    Do you have a photo that you could post, I'd like to see what you did.
  7. Duane.S

    My New Duplicating Carver

    Thanks for your help, Duane.
  8. Duane.S

    My New Duplicating Carver

    Sorry to bring back this old post but I'm thinking of building a duplicarver and have a few questions. I was wondering how the linear rail bearings have worked out, have you had any problems with contamination - wood chips or dust causing them not to run smoothly? Did you come up with a method...
  9. Duane.S

    The historic neck tenon has been wrong all along?

    Apparently, it is a R7 that Gibson showed at NAMM.
  10. Duane.S

    The historic neck tenon has been wrong all along?

    You can't tell from looking at a complete guitar, you will only see it when you remove the neck. I'm wondering why Gibson decided to go to the extra work of making the step? It seems like it is easier to leave the bottom of the tenon flat and route the mortice deeper.
  11. Duane.S

    Binding laminator?

    My most recent issue of American Lutherie has an article by Charles Fox (master luthier) that show his technique for gluing binding that looks a lot easier. After the binding is bent to shape, he tapes all pieces in place dry with about an inch between the tape. He then applies thin CA glue...
  12. Duane.S

    The historic neck tenon has been wrong all along?

    Not sure if this is a historic Les Paul but it does show the step.
  13. Duane.S

    The Definitive Top Carve Thread

    Very nice! What cad program did you use?
  14. Duane.S

    Significant Tonal Improvement Changing Klusons for Grovers

    I can't believe that this thread is still going after a year and 2 months. I guess that tuners and headstock mass is a controversial thing. I believe that everything that you change on a guitar has a tonal effect, you just may not be able to perceive the effect. I was re-reading a section in...
  15. Duane.S

    ‘56 Inspired LP Build

    This is an interesting template, is it adjustable for variations in the top carve? How do you determine angle? Because you use the spot-face bit with a long guide pin I'm guessing that the angle is less critical.
  16. Duane.S

    What is the value of case candy?

    I'd say that there is 2 extreme schools of thought: The guitar is an investment that you can carefully play, you hope to get the maximum value for it when you resell it. The guitar is a tool to make music, one day you'll discard it for a better one. Obviously, there is many shades of grey in...
  17. Duane.S

    Luthier's Corner Plans / Templates Resource

    There are many places that you can find plans to build a Les Paul replica on the internet and I'm sure that you could build a fine guitar using most of them. The plans in this post have been very carefully developed to be able to build a 1950's Les Paul replica with a high degree of vintage...
  18. Duane.S

    Compensated Bridge Location?

    Here is a "Fretted Instrument Bridge Saddle Compensation Calculator" Maybe not what you are looking for but gives pretty accurate string lengths.
  19. Duane.S

    So confused about air compressors!

    I have that spray gun and it is a pleasure to use. It requires about 3cfm at around 12psi as I remember. Make sure that you have a pressure regulator / gauge at the gun. I have a California Air Tools 10020C compressor, 2 hp, 5.3 cfm @ 90 psi, 10 gallon tank. It has no problem keeping up with...
  20. Duane.S

    Luthier's Corner Plans / Templates Resource

    That video is helpful, It shows that Tom routes the flat before the spotface and it looks like there isn't any pilot holes for the pots yet.

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