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  1. KenG

    NGD: Gibson 2019 Les Paul Junior Double Cut.

    IT's been awhile but once I saw this new addition I was basically hooked. I currently own a 2010 R7 GT that is my keeper guitar. I was thinking for some time about getting either an Single coil guitar (Strat most likely - love the inbetween 2 & 4 positions) or something with P90s (still SC I...
  2. KenG

    After several months with the Helix LT.

    In summary WOW. I first used it into an amp and it was OK though more generic sounding as model differences were homoginized. I finally started using FRFR 2 +months or so ago and hit my stride. With the models coming to life. Last month this summer I've been very tied up on a Nato program and...
  3. KenG

    Ready to go for it!

    The Helix LT is $1350 CAD here and I've got 1k in my pocket. I'm so tempted to go to L&M tomorrow and get this thing as I've been wanting it for about 1 year now! I won't have much for amplifying it yet except either headphones, powered studio monitors or my little Vox AV15 line in, but if I...
  4. KenG

    S-Gear 2.7 sale- That's it for now

    Following a lead from another forum, I just purchased S-Gear 2.7 @30% off! It's for a limited time and in my opinion is one of the best PC Based modelling SW packages going & waiting would've meant paying over $45 CAD more for the same thing after the sale. I've used the 2.5 Trial version and...
  5. KenG

    Canadian Content - Monster Days

    Long & McQuade has Monster Days all of June. 0% financing for 12 months! I'm thinking my new Helix LT is getting closer than I thought!
  6. KenG

    LT missing Aux Audio workaround

    Well just found out that the LT could let you play along with your Iphone/Andriod loaded music by setting the phones output to USB and simply hooking it into the Helix USB port! Cool. Also for Aux level audio from other sources you can use the Effects returns ( 1 for mono 2 for stereo) but you'd...
  7. KenG

    Line 6 Updates Helix 2.21

    New update out, mainly minor bug fixes and no new models from the 2.2 release. Apparently though there are 6 new models coming soon but I'm not sure which they are. Heard some 2.2 and 2.21 Metal demos on another forum, one with Stock IRs and one with OH IRs and both sounded pretty damned good IMO.
  8. KenG

    Update on the VOX AV15

    As many of you may be aware VOX has a relatively new series called the AV series of amps. These are basically all analog amps with digital effects (3) built in. The amps is all solid state with the addition of a dual tube stage with 4 switches, 2 change the pre-amp response (brite /fat) and two...
  9. KenG

    Is it modelling or something else?

    Well on another unnamed forum people seem to avoid the term modelling for certain products. It almost seems like they ignore what's going on under the hood and relabel it for personal reasons like an inability to accept that they actually like a "modeller". I'll give you two prime examples...
  10. KenG

    Presets suck - being applied across the board

    Well I spent some time on TGP this morning and low and behold the "presets suck" comment is being applied (by some) to all modellers now! IIRC this feeling came about from the low end to low mid gear where the manufacturer spent more time over emphasizing the "feature set" on their products than...
  11. KenG

    Using the Trial Version of S-Gear 2.57

    Well so far I have the demo version of Guitar Rig, Studio Devil VGA II and today S-Gear. I'll state right away that I don't really like G Rig. I found that each "module" has to be set for levels as it's brought into the rack to avoid digital clipping which had me fooling around far too much with...
  12. KenG

    Small RFRF for bedroom

    Hey folks, I've been wondering about how I'll use my next Hi-End modeller at home when I don't want to hooked into the PC or my Studio Monitors. I want something powered directly because I want to set it on the floor like an amp would be. I don't think a near field Studio Monitor would be...
  13. KenG


    If you look at the history of the guitar you'll realize it was not well thought of originally. It didn't have the history, pedigree or music of "traditional" instruments and so was somewhat scoffed at (It wasn't considered by many a "real" instrument). It did appeal to us lowly masses though and...
  14. KenG

    Roland Blues Cube - unique approach

    I'm not sure how many here are aware of the Blues Cube series . It's grown a bit since it's inception a couple of years ago and flew totally under my radar till the other day. It's a modeling amp yes, but Roland spent all their time delving into one amp to simulate all the nuances of it...
  15. KenG

    Just tried Guitar Rig 5

    Well I downloaded the product and activated it in Demo mode (30 minutes -no saves then need to restart). The Demo feature is a nice option to try this product. I didn't spend too much time on it yet, the 1st thing I noted was the different devices all had level in/out meters and controls. While...
  16. KenG

    Studio Devil VST experience

    Anyone have experience with either the Virtual Guitar Amp II or Amp Modeller Pro VSTs? Looks like decent prices right now for these (especially the Pro @ $79). I know you can use other IRs because the Pro comes with some famous 3rd party ones as a sample. I'm thinking of this as a temporary...
  17. KenG

    Selling off my modelling Gear

    To eventually buymore...!:naughty: Sold my HD500 yesterday and listed my Blackstar ID TVPs but interest is low on those so far despite their being near pristine (used at home only) and asking price is discounted 40-50% from new. I hope to have a VOX AV15 for the bedroom by Xmas...
  18. KenG

    Rant of the week at BS opinions

    Don't you just love guys that get on the internet and You-tube videos trying to show you that their guitar they bought is crap? The last one I just watched is from a guy who bought a GC special (lower line Trad of some sort -weird configuration) who spent his video bashing the guitar. Then in...
  19. KenG

    Anyone but the HD Model Packs?

    Has anyone here purchased the Vintage or Metal HD Model Packs from Line 6? I'm wondering if they thought they were worth the $$$. Strangely enough there's no incentive to get the combined pack as it's 2x the price of both packs anyway.
  20. KenG

    Fired up the POD HD after some down time

    Well I've got the ole HD500 and because I'm not a fan of sitting in front of my PC and that's the best/easiest way to play with the POD controls, (& where my Powered Studio monitors live) it's been gathering dust while I play through my other modelling amps. I had to update the SW associated...

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