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  1. kuhboom

    Faber Tone-Lock nickel MASTER KIT

    Brand new Faber Tone-Lock nickel MASTER KIT (iNsert™ version) that I bought for a Les Paul Traditional that I later sold. The kit was never installed and is still in its original packaging. #5000 MASTER KIT (INCH) Gloss Nickel, Nickel Plated Saddles | FaberUSA $120 (shipping included)...
  2. kuhboom

    RESTRUNG | Documentary

    I really enjoyed this documentary about the story behind Wyn bass guitars and I thought some here might enjoy it as well :
  3. kuhboom

    Bolt On Neck - Compliance / Elasticity

    My new Warmoth build was playing pretty stiff and rigid across the fretboard. I've felt this before on other guitars, and I was pretty sure I knew what the culprit was. The neck was sitting proud approximately 2mm above the body, minus the fretboard (see first pic) and in turn, this caused the...
  4. kuhboom

    The Telebastard

    I really wanted to love my Les Paul Traditional I bought around 6 months ago, but I just couldn't bond. I'm a 25.5 scale guy at heart but I love the LP tone. So I decided to put together my own mashup of all the things I love about LP's, Tele's, and Strats. I called it the Telebastard...
  5. kuhboom

    PSA - L&M Attic Sale

    For the Toronto area lads : In past years they have never posted the gear/price list in advance. A few good deals to be had here.
  6. kuhboom

    2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional - Honeyburst

    SOLD All original 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional - Honeyburst $1700 USD shipped to Canada / U.S. Paypal gift or buyer pays fees. Solid one piece body (no chambering or weight relief). Weight comes in at 9.5 lbs on my bathroom scale. Plays beautifully - No fret buzz - No issues. Original...
  7. kuhboom

    WTB Grover locking tuners

    Looking for some Grover locking tuners for my 2013 LP Trad.
  8. kuhboom

    FS / FT - 2011 Suhr Custom Standard Flametop

    Up for sale (or possible trade) is a 2011 Suhr Custom Standard. I have too many superstrats in the collection at this time, so this one needs to find a new home. This was purchased new (NOS) 6 months ago at Cosmo Music. The guitar is in great condition (9.5 / 10) with a few very minor surface...
  9. kuhboom

    NAD! Landry LS100 G3

    I wanted to post a "New Amp Day" thread a few days after this amp arrived a few weeks ago, but I decided against it. I wanted to see if my love for the Landry Ls100 G3 performed in all situations before commenting. As soon as I plugged into the Landry, and hit the OD channel, I was floored. The...
  10. kuhboom

    Reducing string spacing at the nut

    Hi guys. I did a search for this info but came up empty. I have a Suhr standard with a 1-11/16" nut width. Could I swap the nut with a blank and cut it for a 1.650 string spacing with out any adverse affect? The 1-11/16" string spacing just feels too wide for me. Thanks for any help.
  11. kuhboom

    Suhr Custom Standard

    I picked up this little beauty at a local shop a couple of weeks ago. It was a floor model that they had in stock for quite a while, and the price was fantastic. I came in with an offer even a little lower than the discounted price tag, and we made a deal. Wooot! As you can see, the fretboard...
  12. kuhboom

    FS - Phaez 35W Duophonic - SIBLY / Corona

    The Phaez bug has bit me again, and I need to move this along to get Randy to build me a lower watt single channel Daisycutter. Phaez 35W EL34 Duophonic - 2 Channel - SIBLY / Corona. $650 Shipped to US or Canada - PayPal Gift. Amazing Marshall crunch and searing lead tones on the SIBLY...
  13. kuhboom

    Looking at a Greco EG 800 - Need a little help

    Can anyone shed a little light on this Greco EG 800? : 43162 Photos by sietoron2000 | Photobucket It's listed as "1970's" (no serial #?). Any information that you could provide on this guitar would be greatly appreciated.
  14. kuhboom

    Beautiful headstock conversion

    Les Paul | guitars | City of Toronto | Kijiji (2nd pic) :laugh2:
  15. kuhboom

    Yamaha THR10 Hidden Feature

    :naughty: Seriously though, the THR10 is fantastic. It's ruining me from tube amps at home. I reverted back to the V1 software after running the V2 for a while. The V1 emulations seem to be more present, and crunchy. The only channel I dislike is the clean channel. It's farty and top heavy...
  16. kuhboom

    Strat mods x 2

    Mod day! White / Cream MIM Partscaster : Pearly Gates Bucker The Creamery Sweet '74 Single Coils 1 Volume / 1 Master Tone Ilitch Noise canceling system Sunburst MIA : Iron Gear Blues Engine Bucker 1 Volume / 1 Master Tone
  17. kuhboom

    Celestion G12M Blackback Info?

    Hi guys. Can anyone shed some light on this speaker? Using the dating method found here , would this speaker be built on March 15, 1978? any other info? Thanks :
  18. kuhboom

    Phaez SIBLY Owners : What tubes are you currently using?

    Hi guys. As the title states, what glass are you currently running in your Phaez SIBLY? I'm interested in hearing your experiences with tube swaps, and your thoughts and conclusions. Cheers - Kuhboom
  19. kuhboom

    Want To Buy! - Celestion 65 Creamback 16 ohm

    *EDIT - No longer looking. Found One. Hi guys. I'm looking to buy a Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 16 ohm. I have a broken in V30 for partial trade, or I'll buy the Creamback 65 straight up. Thanks, Kuhboom (Neil)
  20. kuhboom

    FT - Carvin Fireburst C66 w/ tons of upgrades

    Up for trade is a Carvin Trans Orange Fireburst C66. This is a custom color that I had Carvin produce for me. The burst is VERY subtle, and hard to capture in pictures, but it's a lighter orange in the center transitioning to darker edges. Full specs and upgrades posted below pics. I'm open to...

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