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  1. Duffy

    What's the scoop on the Epi LP STD plain top

    Are these arch tops and as nicely built as the regular std's and plus tops? They look like a great value. Anybody buy one and wish to comment? I wonder if they are as well made as the Agile AL2000's or Xavier XV500's? They sure look nice, especially in cherry burst. Looks like a great...
  2. Duffy

    Xavier XV500

    My Xavier XV500 is an awesome 210 dollar LP copy wiith a mahogany body, neck and three quarter inch maple cap on the body. It has real good GFS crunchy pickups and generally good hardware. The worksmanship is outstanding. I would buy another without hesitation. Same with Agile AL2000's...
  3. Duffy

    Opinions of the Gary Moore BFG Les Paul

    I'm seriously considering getting a Gary Moore BFG Les Paul instead of a Gibson Studio or Gibson Faded Studio Les Paul. Reasons: The Gary Moore BFG looks better to me and the pickup combination looks like it will give some awesome sounds for the type of music I play: rock, blues...

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