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  1. waboe

    Bad Company Les Paul Special

    Ive just acquired this Les Paul I think it's a Jr special (because of the Mini Trapezoid inlays) it was made in 1999 has anyone come across this model before?
  2. waboe

    NGD! 1985 Tokai LS60

    Got an Ebay Buy it Now Bargain:naughty:
  3. waboe

    Reunited with an old friend! Arbiter (Kasuga LG770V) Custom

    In 2012 Christmas was coming in fast and I was skint kid's need presents and women need Chanel & shoes so I sold my guitar. A couple of night's ago I was browsing evilbay and in new listings.......Behold a guitar identical to my old (and dearly missed) guitar! There cant be many of those about...
  4. waboe

    NAD Hiwatt Custom 50 SA112

    I recently traded this amp and Damn I'm impressed this thing smokes it is quite literally the finest sounding amp I've ever owned. I usually use just a tickle of reverb this beast need it not the articulation and harmonics are mental you can taste the notes, opened up this thing roars! The quest...
  5. waboe

    NGD Gordon-Smith Graduate 60

    I recently brought a Gordon Smith Galaxy (see last pic) and it has the best neck on any guitar I've ever played so I've been scoping the classifieds for an LP style guitar anyway just scored this: The neck isn't quite as comfortable as the galaxy but it's a great guitar and these...
  6. waboe

    NGD Gordon Smith Galaxy

    I was in my local guitar shop trying not to buy anything when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this: So I said to Jason that looks weird can I have a go on it? He got an evil glint in his eye as he handed me the guitar as soon as my hands touched the neck I said I'll have it how...
  7. waboe

    Just snapped the headstock off my LS80

    Somebody moved my guitar stand and left the foot stood on the curtain anyway I just closed the curtains.................................................. Gutted!
  8. waboe

    NGD 1985 Tokai LS80!

    Here's my newest acquisition a 1985 Tokai LS80 1pc light back, Tokai 57 pups, 18 headstock angle , FEB Nitro finish! Pics:
  9. waboe

    NGD 2008 Robot Explorer

    So I got a new spaceship! I traded this guitar for my Yamaha SG1000 Because I never played it and robot shit aside this guitar smokes, I was surprised at how comfortable an explorer is to play nice balance dead comfy neck I'm smitten even though its a bit of leap for me. Pics:
  10. waboe

    I played a 2015 last night!

    My band mate has just brought a 2015 studio and I got to play it, the tuning system was a bit of a ball ache but apart from that I was pretty damn impressed the build quality was top notch the new larger fretboard was really playable and it sounded wicked. I wanted to hate the fecking thing but...
  11. waboe

    Sorta NAD but not really!

    I got a Carlsbro tc60 valve amp in trade, half an hour into practice Kaboom Fizz Dead! so I cut of the amp bit and turned it into a cab, then I came across a Marshall 4x10 cab for cheap so I brought it. being the inquisitive chap I am I decided to see what they sounded like with my little tech21...
  12. waboe

    Show us yer Costumes!

    This is how we Rock Halloween at the casa de Waboe! As the title said Show us yer costumes......
  13. waboe

    NGD Yamaha SG500T

    I know its not single cut but all the other elephants are there, I got this a couple of weeks ago (but due to Internet issues this post is belated) I think this is the most Ive ever fallen in love with a guitar after such a short period It feels like Ive had her years (fvck I'm even feminizing...
  14. waboe

    Build/Resto "Hall of Fame thread?

    Hi I'm not a regular to this part of the forum and Ive been browsing the restorations and build threads. And I've got to say some really talented Fellas here! Could some of the regular members here post links to threads of the more memorable/outstanding builds and whatnots that may be buried in...
  15. waboe

    I'm Coming Out.....

    I have been trying in vain to hide who I really am for such a long time but sometime you've just got come out, so here go's......... ..................I am a Dickhead!
  16. waboe

    NGD 1990 les paul standard

    found this on Ebay local to me so I went and had a look made an offer and took it home, She is in a sorry state cosmetically but there is mojo hidden behind the ugly top (thar be flame within the depths)the lacquer has checked all over and the "feel" is there in spades! a new burst on the top...
  17. waboe

    As Good as it gets?

    My modest collection of gear is now as good as its gonna get barring a lottery win! I can honestly say I am happy with the tone and quality of everything I have. No More GAS for me!:naughty:
  18. waboe

    I know I shouldnt!

    But this made me piss myself laughing Yahoo News UK & Ireland - Latest World News & UK News Headlines
  19. waboe

    "Black Friday" U.K WTF?!

    I've just seen an advert ASDA UK supermarket owned by Walmart is now doing "Black Friday" deals starts tomorrow at 8am:shock: Come on America give us a break! I like Les Paul's but this crap I can do without:laugh2: little old ladies turning feral over cheap cat food:naughty:
  20. waboe

    Incoming 1980 Tokai LS60

    I just pulled the trigger on this 1980 Tokai LS60 here are the sellers pics: Ive been kicking myself since I sold my 1980 ls50 and am looking forward to getting my hands on this one. I paid £630 including shipping and ohsc how do you guy's think I did?

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