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  1. Duane.S

    FS: 1994 Historic '59 Les Paul on eBay, $4600 to start, No Reserve

    Well, I finally decided to sell it.... 1994 Historic '59 Les Paul I bought this guitar 17 years ago, at the time I knew nothing about Tom Murphy or that this guitar would ever increase in value. I just wanted a really nice Gibson to play. It does have a bit of interesting history, I...
  2. Duane.S

    "Real Feel" vs post 2009 neck shape

    I have a friend who has two 2003 "Real Feel" Les Paul's and is considering selling one of them. I have played them several times and really like the neck shape. I have read that the post 2009 historic's have a neck shape with less shoulder. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a 2009+ to...
  3. Duane.S

    60's Gibson Patent # Pickup Phase?

    I have a friend who is, uh, a "Beatles Nut". He collects all kinds of Beatles memorabilia, guitars, amps and everything...... So, he has an 2007 George Harrison Lucy that he put a lot of vintage reproduction parts on and recently he bought a set of early 60's patent # humbuckers off of eBay...
  4. Duane.S

    Cardinal Luthierlac, Beware!

    For a long time I had been using Lawrence McFadden / Seagrave lacquer but had read good reviews of Cardinal Luthierlac, so I thought I'd give it a try. I am also spraying my first sunburst using aniline dyes. I did many tests, fading them to get the colors correct. I am using Lockwood dyes...
  5. Duane.S

    Burst Fading Darker!?

    Hi all, My first post but I've been lurking for quite a while. First, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this form. This place is a wealth of information, so much so that I've never felt the need to post because I could find answers to my questions by searching. OK, on to the...

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