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  1. matthornet

    Fake LP studio or not?

    Haven't seen a fake Studio before. But it looks fine. What made you doubt her?
  2. matthornet

    Are Jazz III picks good for a beginner?

    I used to play with Big Stubby for everything. Was pretty fast with it's rounded bevel but rhythm strumming sounded messy with too much kink... Tried the Jazz III's next upon recommendation. and that was it!... My primary pick.
  3. matthornet

    Please delete.

    Wrong section please delete. TQ
  4. matthornet

    There Is Too Much Space Inside An Epi LP Case!

    Anyone else agrees that there is too much depth space inside of an Epi Les Paul case? Or is the padding on the inner side of the lid not thick enough to hold the guitar in place? I've had 2 incidents with 2 guitars before; I carry my guitar in its case by the handle & whenever I wanna...
  5. matthornet

    My New Yamaha Lord Player

    This is the first LP1000 I've ever seen too. Looks gorgeous... How much did you pay for her?
  6. matthornet

    My New Yamaha Lord Player

    You got a great deal there. I traded my LP400 for roughly the same value and I thought it was a major steal and I believe yours is in a better condition. What pups are those in there? I think I see Seymour Duncan? Mine came with Burstbucker Pros and the previous owner lost the original pups...
  7. matthornet

    What brand of string is everybody using these days?

    Only EB Regular Slinkys for me.
  8. matthornet

    Bursting a goldtop! Any tip on re-carve the top?

    Gosh, your R7 is an R9 underneath... How great is that?
  9. matthornet

    pedal for classic rock?

    Zvex Box Of Rock my friend, you owe yourself a try of these.
  10. matthornet

    PAF-ish Poll (now with FREE PICKUPS!)

    Wow, love the tone from the videos... Wish I had a pair. Low output cream for me please.
  11. matthornet

    Does Gibson make their own pickups?

    I agree. The BB's are Gibson's alleged most accurate reproduction of the PAF pups. Well Gibson always says what they wanna say.
  12. matthornet

    Does Gibson make their own pickups?

    I now believe so... After digging all the pics, they're all just burstbuckers. So ignorant for me to think most Gibson pups have them. I forgot that I actually saw many older 490t pups before and they all have that Gibson USA stamping behind. But still..... who/what is PS,NR etc... could be...
  13. matthornet

    Does Gibson make their own pickups?

    Maybe a few more pics. And these are Gibson's I tell ya.. My pair of aftermarket BB Pros have these stickers on them as well. FWIW, most of them with the stickers are burstbuckers BB#1, BB#2, Lead & Rhythm Pro (BB Pro) etc. I found this discussion Best BurstBucker Winder? - Les Paul Forum but...
  14. matthornet

    Does Gibson make their own pickups?

    But what do these stickers that are on almost all their pups mean? "Wound by PS" Who or what is PS? I've always thought that they're initials of a subcontractor company or something. (not my pic)
  15. matthornet

    LP Standard Faded refinish and makeover

    I love what you're doing with the Std Faded. The new finish is stunning! Could you also share in detail how you did the mod for the switch tip? I'd love to do that to mine as well. Great work
  16. matthornet

    I found a pretty good video on rock rhythm with triads.

    These are my favorite "at home" triads for straight rhythm works.
  17. matthornet

    Epi Lacquer Series or Elite?

    So it is a lacquer series. That's what I was looking for. I'd like to snag it right away but it's costing $938 without HSC. Pretty steep I think.
  18. matthornet

    Epiphone crushing

    I can really dig that tone.
  19. matthornet

    Epi Lacquer Series or Elite?

    Guys, need help identifying if this one is an Elite or a Lacquer Series. The script logo looks a little larger than the LS pics I've seen and still too small for the regular Elites. Need your opinions. It's a Fujigen make though, serial starts with an "F". Thanks alot

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