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  1. penguinchit

    Almost done with the jam room

    Just have to hang pictures, a few sound panels and my son wants a new rig.
  2. penguinchit

    Little experiment on time - seeing how long it takes me

    I have to poop. I'll post again when I come back. Let's see how long it takes me to post, walk to the bathroom, leave my love notes, come back and check in.
  3. penguinchit

    Someone here is bound to really love this...

    Let your puns fly.
  4. penguinchit

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Glorious Kwanzaa!

    And whatever else you might celebrate to all my brothers & sisters at MLP! Almost done working for the day so my internet surf time is waning. Wishing you all happy times and if you have to work tomorrow, double pay!
  5. penguinchit

    Just wanted to say that I have 13 days, 20 hours

    Until check in for my flight to Seattle. Then a 3-hour layover. And then a flight to Maui. It's kinda giving me short-timers disease.
  6. penguinchit

    Cable tester for $13 if anyone hasn't posted this yet...

    Musician's Friend has their Livewire cable tester on sale for $13. In for one...I figured that it's cheap enough for me not to whine too much if it sucks...
  7. penguinchit

    GoPro style action cameras

    Need some input from you all. We're going to Hawaii in August and thought it would be cool to get a GoPro. I saw there are a ton of other options that aren't $200...Even saw some for $40...At that price, I could get one for each of us (2 sons, wifey and me), which would be cool because we'd...
  8. penguinchit

    Canadians...True? I think so...

    When Canada goes to war:
  9. penguinchit

    Made a fuzz.

    It picks up radio. But running this through my Hotone Captain Sunset sounds pretty dope. Anyone know how to make it not so receptive? Or at least let me change channels?
  10. penguinchit

    NGD - Charvel

    Sold my Tele to fund one of these and it was an awesome move! Plays awesome and is super comfortable. The pickups are meaty and full and when split, they're clear and articulate. It's not quite as distinct as the Tele, but that's not the sound I'm after. When full HB and clean, it's a...
  11. penguinchit

    PSA - TC Nova Delay $110 w/ free shipping

    Through Adorama. Never bought from them, but I see deals come up on from them quite a bit. Maybe someone can have nice pedal for nice price. *thread poster...
  12. penguinchit

    Non-vendors selling on Reverb - need your experience...

    Is it worth it? I'm on the fence about listing my Tele on Reverb because it looks like a lot of hassle and fees. They advertise it's only 3.5% once it sells, but isn't there a transaction fee and then shipping supplies and costs and then hoping you get a solid, honest buyer? I have my guitar...
  13. penguinchit

    My driver's license is due

    So I think I'm going to shoot for the enhanced DL so I can run up and stand in the same great country as my Canadian homeslices. Without a passport. Anyone else have one? Couple years ago, my wife and I went up to Two Harbors area for our anniversary and thought it would be cool to check...
  14. penguinchit

    Merry Christmas, my Brethren and Sistren!

    7:12, at work and off at 2:30 for family festivities. I hope you all have a great Christmas (or the seasonal holiday of your choosing)!
  15. penguinchit

    PSA - Fender Pro Series Strat/Tele Case $67.76 So tempting, but...
  16. penguinchit

    $100 Christmas ideas

    Need your help. My MIL asked me what I want. Her budget is $100. Last time, I said nothing and got a BBE pedal that I ended up returning because it was terrible. I felt bad, so I want to give her some clues this year. Problem is I don't know what I want. Thought about a Hotone Heart Attack...
  17. penguinchit

    You know all those I lost my dog threads?

    I'm just chiming in that we had to put our dog down today. He had cancer and was getting fluid around his heart. Did a pericardiocentesis last Thursday and he perked right up, but we knew we were on borrowed time. We didn't want to do it again because that would've just been selfish. Thanks...
  18. penguinchit

    What do you think of this trade?

    I have an excellent condition 2016 American Special Tele. Lake Placid Blue, Fender locking tuners, SKB hard case and strap locks. I don't play it as much anymore and have wanted a Rocker 15 Terror since their debut. I was thinking it would be fair to trade the Fender for the Orange. With...
  19. penguinchit

    The 'What's going on at GC' thread got me thinking...

    @Dilemma said the Guitar Center I talked about is one that he was referencing in his post. Made me wonder if I've ever been in the store when he's been in there. Have I ever been standing behind him as he was buying strings, admiring his mad skilz as he tried out a guitar or standing in his...
  20. penguinchit

    Made a fuzz pedal today.

    We have a ton of components in the back of the shop here at work and they'll never get used. Leftovers from the old days. So, I decided to make a fuzz pedal. Gave it to a buddy here to test it out. It's ugly for now. Later, I still won't add an enclosure, footswitch or anything else. Just...

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