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  1. Thumpalumpacus

    Sergeant Reckless

    Surfing the Wiki tonight, I came across this article about a warhorse which served with the Marines in Korea; one of four horses in the American military buried with full honors. Typical Jarhead, unafraid, liked some beer, eat anything she came across. Some excerpts: Read the article for...
  2. Thumpalumpacus

    Oh, wow --

    ... sitting out on my porch just now, an early-summer late night, got a shocker -- a bald eagle just took a bird of some sort, sitting in a tree ten feet from my head. Sitting here reading up on reservations and hearing flapping out of nowhere. Never knew eagles hunted at night. This one was...
  3. Thumpalumpacus

    Joyo Vintage Overdrive opinions

    I've got a line on one of these, pretty cheap, figure I'm gonna get it anyway, but wondering if anyone here has or had one, and has an opinion to offer.
  4. Thumpalumpacus

    RIP Tom Wolfe One hell of a writer. Reading The Right Stuff as a young man, I learnt that writing non-fiction need not be a dry recitation of facts.
  5. Thumpalumpacus

    Guitar Center woes ... I don't understand a lot of that, but I do understand that they're in trouble. They could survive without Gibson, but I doubt Gibson could survive without GC.
  6. Thumpalumpacus

    What's this guitar?

    Joe B on this thing -- what is it? Looks like a Gibson logo on the 'stock.
  7. Thumpalumpacus

    Heya CRobbins

    @CRobbins and other members living in Ventura County, I hope the fires haven't affected y'all much if at all. Stay safe, brothas, and check in if you can?
  8. Thumpalumpacus

    I've heard of this before but never heard it ...

    Tonight, playing through a recently-purchased used Egnater Tweaker 15, I got a radio station. I've had this amp for almost a month and it's been seeing almost daily use with zero problems. But tonight, about 3/4 of the way through my loud practicing, I started hearing BBC through it. I went...
  9. Thumpalumpacus

    Amp stands

    I'm going to build an amp stand for my rig (Tweaker 15 head, 1x12 cab). I'm thinking a slanted shelf for the cab, and a level shelf at the top for the head. Question for those who use one: What's your preference for speaker positioning, dead level or slanted to point the speaker up a little...
  10. Thumpalumpacus

    Multi-FX recommendations

    I'm starting research on a purchase to be made in a couple of months; I'm looking for a multi-FX unit that has good reverb, delay, and chorusing. I don't really use other effects, and so I'm not really concerned about the quality of sound there, but the reverb has to be high-quality. I want an...
  11. Thumpalumpacus

    Guys -- guys --

    -- we've broken up, after a year together. She left two pair of shoes here. Should I be worried?
  12. Thumpalumpacus

    Epi VJ problem, help wanted

    So I'm jamming on my VJ, volume is wide open, when out of nowhere the volume drops more than halfway. Cycle the power, no dice. Try it with another guitar and cable, no change. Change out both tunes, still less than half-power. Anyone here experience this? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Thumpalumpacus

  14. Thumpalumpacus

    Interview with Laggspike

    So many of y'all probably read the discussion about member interviews in X's thread. Meatball suggested that we do member interviews, and suggested a great list of questions there, which I'll quote at the bottom of this OP. I wasn't able to record video this time, so it's audio only. But...
  15. Thumpalumpacus

    Thump's Cabinet Build (pic-heavy)

    As y'all may or may not know, I'm in the process of rebuilding an electric guitar rig after about five years of playing acoustic-only (outside of music-store visits). I've already got the two electrics I wanted to start with, an Ibanez 335 copy and a Faded SG. I'm shopping for an amp right...
  16. Thumpalumpacus

    Free to good owner

    Today I parted out my old Peavey ValveKing 2x12 combo. It was a great amp, with good classic rock crunch and a clean channel that could go from shimmer to hairy. I had it shipped from California after three years of storage, and somewhere in that time it had decided to stop working. I'd...
  17. Thumpalumpacus

    drop-down menus

    Am I the only one with a color-change on the drop-down menus? On "Community", "Search", and "Quick Links", the background color has changed from grey to lavender, making it very hard to read. Did someone drop a wrench while tinkering with the forum software, or is this my computer getting too...
  18. Thumpalumpacus

    Gambling (fiction, 3200 words)

    22. Gambling ........After settling into our new flat, my first thought was to cruise Zafar on my bike, and see what I could see. I’d been through the neighborhood before, on my way to school or the CRC or the Co-op, but always in a bus or cab, which, while imparting the feel of a...
  19. Thumpalumpacus

    Favorite rock riffs?

    Now, I want to hear what y'all love in riffage, but let's get our terms straight: Favorite -- Not "best", "hairiest", "most meanest", or "my guy can kick your guy's assinest". Simply put, the ones that make you groove. Rock -- an expansive category, but I think we can say it's gotta have an...
  20. Thumpalumpacus

    What's more important to you?

    I was reading a feature article on John Frusciante last night, and he was talking about how satisfying he finds it to finish a song in the studio, and how playing it onstage to an audience doesn't interest him very much at all. Now, I get the satisfaction thing; when you hear a song in your...

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