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    Navy SEAL.. bin Laden was unarmed

    Might I say X One fuggin million... The good folks I'm familiar with in NSWGII (East Coast SEALS) have only one thing to say about that lil trip into the history books... "Screw him, theres a soldier on every corner of every city in every country on earth that wanted to pull that...
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    The $23 Epiphone "Upgrade"

    Hey, I play Epi Les Pauls, absolutley LOVE them, I think the keystone shape of those tuners are the bomb, Look at it like this... Are you happy with them? if so, that's all that matters.... Its your guitar dude...Rock on...:dude:
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    WHEW!!! What a long strange trip its been!!!

    THANK YOU!!!:thumb:
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    20% OFF SALE Tone Caps, Aged Parts & More @ Jonesyblues Custom Shop ebay Store

    JONESY!!!! What's been goin on Bro?? It's literally been years since I talked to you!! I just got my guitars outta storage, set up everything and plugged in that Epi Les Paul I rebuilt with your PIO Caps and a vintage wiring harness... MY GOSH MAN, I didn't realize how much I missed this...
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    WHEW!!! What a long strange trip its been!!!

    Hi Guys!!:wave: I know it's been forever since I was on here last, but rest assured I remember and missed every single one of you crazy bastids!! I couldn't wait to get back in the states and log on again, ya see, I've been away for a while on a lil trip that took me all over the jungles of...
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    the blatant lie thread.

    Wait...WHAT? You missed that MLP meet?? Damn Bro, you're the only one...:cool::shock::laugh2:
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    A follow-up on Fred Phelps protesting my school

    + a bajillion...God, please don't let me attend a soldiers funeral where this P.O.S. is protesting...Please don't let me...That would be one time, that when L.E. arrived and ask, "WTF happened to all these people??" I'd hafta jump up and say..."God hates these haters...Sooooo, since he can't be...
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    It's time for a limit.

    I see Gregs point, AND,(I NEVER thought I'd be saying this...But...) I have to agree with HOMZ..:shock:..One really great thing about this Forum is it's open to everyone with an intrest in guitars...which is cool. And, we all know, Kids will be Kids... However, I DO believe there should be a...
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    2- 12 hours days doing custom painting & all I got was a disgust

    I know...Right?...:laugh2::lol::laugh2:...:applause:
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    Allison Megan Rist, Born on the 18th of Sept @ 9:58PM

    I love seeing good people propagate...Makes the world a better place to live in. Major Congrats to You and Amber. Roman, if you have half as much fun with this lil Angel, as I have had with all of mine, you will be a blessed man. Again...Congratulations to you both...
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    Pearly Tates

    Just. Freakin'. Awesome. You did a GREAT job on her!! :thumb::applause::thumb: Ya gotcha a $16,000 guitar, for....what?...$500? AWESOME!! (For the haters...I know it's not an "Old Wood" Gibson...But, neither is the reissue "Pearly Gates". IMHO, he has captured the "Essence" of the...
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    What's the deal with the headstock?

    :shock: How can you be on a forum, and not know how to read?? Here's a bulletin for ya...THE HEADSTOCK PLAINLY SEZ "EPIPHONE" There, that should clear a few things up for ya!!:thumb:...:lol:
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    wiring kit

    You might as well leave in the original wiring kit...there's no difference between this and the original. This is a "replacement" NOT an "Upgrade". Metric BS made in "Only God Knows Where", that's why it's so cheap. I've said it a jillion times, ya wanna replace yer wiring, holler at "Jonesy"...
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    for those who hate the epi headstock.......

    Ya gotta love the fact that this guy has come up with an idea to uhhhh...."improve" (if you will) the Epi headstock without having to know how to do anything but put glue on it...I bet, if we check back in say, 6 months, he'll have sold about 1000 of these, if not [email protected] 20 bucks a...
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    This is the Blues!

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    I just got back from seeing Lady Gaga

    That's a great video...:applause:...Who sez Epi's don't rawk? This kid makes his jump up and do tricks!! And Lady Gaga??...She's original and refreashing, you can only do so much with "Pop" music...And she does it all. No one before her has done what she has...It's all new.
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    FREE Tonemojo Sticker Offer???

    My guitar cases said they were pissed 'cause I didn't get them anything...PM sent Brother Jones!
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    I am DIVORCED!!!

    1st wife and I divorced after 5 years. We're still friends, talk on the phone all the time, she's even friends with my current wife, and we've been married 33 years today. I. Have. Been. One. Lucky. Mofo.
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    Twelve Inches of meat ! Can you take it all ? You know you want to try...

    I'm with you, I wouldn't eat that crap on a bet...
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    I had a Heart Attack!

    Hey!!! Glad to see ya made it!!:applause: Heart attacks suck, big time. The pain is something you never want to remember but OH!, how hard it is to forget! (I had mine when I was was life changing, to say the least). Seriously, Glad to see yer up and about!!:applause::thumb::applause:

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