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  1. rogue3

    Is Dave Grohl the new Jon Bon Jovi (circa 1989)?

    i never really noticed.I like playing These Days on acoustic though.sweet lyrics.neat chord changes. apprenticing behind Cobain must have been an awesome trip.
  2. rogue3

    I got too much shit

    my mom tried to dump my old accordion on me. I told her,what am i suppose to do with that shit??? this is a good friday thread.:applause:
  3. rogue3

    I got too much shit

    Divorce did it for me.I got rid of A LOT of shit!:rofl::rofl:
  4. rogue3

    I'm sure it's safe...

    :rofl: :rofl::rofl:...that's kinda cool actually.
  5. rogue3

    Demi Lovato has made contact with the Aliens

    Where?? pics or it didn't happen...
  6. rogue3

    Demi Lovato has made contact with the Aliens

    I've been saying it for 10 god damn years.They take you up to that spaceship and abuse you...sexually....whoa,...what?...who the hell is Demi Levato?:rofl::beer:
  7. rogue3

    Fender neck makes cracking sound when pressure is applied?

    I have a theory,its all in my head of course!:lol:. with no proof except what's between my ears,haha! A well fitting Telecaster neck(emphasis on flush wood to wood contact>done by an artisan skilled in wood carving, no glue, and correctly tightened bolts) transfers frequencies better than...
  8. rogue3

    New Gibson - QC issues?

    The dent in the rosewood is identical to a dent on my 2010 R8's rosewood fretboard, i did it!:io: i was playing,and turned and had contact with a mic stand.It was nothing really,but,there it was.A dent in the rosewood.I remarked at the time,Gibson Rosewood is quite a bit softer than it used to...
  9. rogue3

    Whats the most expensive Les Paul youd be comfortable gigging with?

    to the op: Any of them.But always the one i like best.
  10. rogue3

    Current Historic Reissues vs Older Historic Reissues

    agreed.i never got a good feeling walking in i never did business(not to mention their sky-hi prices...fugettaboutit!)
  11. rogue3

    If you had 2k to spend on an LP, what would YOU buy

    2K? no.not on a LP. 1994 MIJ Tele, in superb condition plus 1 1984 Rivera Fender Concert amp Combo(1 -12) Total, 2K for both.yes!
  12. rogue3

    Sticky Neck Finishes

    because we all have a different ph. before we hit the fretboard.carry on.
  13. rogue3

    Well, this is the world we live in now, folks...

    just musing here...The non-stop stream of online selfies...has defined a generation,like it or not. There is a generation bursting out locally,today,that have been locked up because...we know the word. They are currently running in packs of 3 and 4 downtown. They are dressed for selfies. Most...
  14. rogue3

    I got a problem....

    Put away the electric . Do it with an acoustic.Because it tends to make you focus on rhythm, the up and down strokes,which are more percussive on acoustic... and i find most songs have a tight connection between rhythm, and the lyrics anyway.(because they were often written by a singer!) Do up...
  15. rogue3

    There's almost no bigger NOPE than this. She's high.

    The tax advantage for the company, the pilots and attendants are probably impressive.
  16. rogue3


    never forget.
  17. rogue3

    Current Historic Reissues vs Older Historic Reissues

    Proof right there. Small world,i've been to this shop.The vid was shot in their toronto store.They have a shop in a strip mall near me(whitby).They closed because of Covid, but appear(?) to be in the process of re-opening. Funny because,i recognize the amps in the vid from their shop! Their...
  18. rogue3

    Storage, display, but still using them.

    There is a lot of truth to this.I have this pita everytime the furnace tech comes in for annual checkup.Attention to the furnace becomes secondary to..."wow, nice guitars"...followed with a dozen questions. I'm convinced people have an instinctive gut reaction to seeing guitars on stands.Its...
  19. rogue3

    Metal tone?? Marshall jcm 800 2204 with bogner burnley!

    I'd say yes! The Burnley definately pushes that 2204 to burn!
  20. rogue3

    1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top

    Without actually hearing the instrument plugged in...well, this is just a cosmetic observation/criticism at best.An oddity. For all we know ,that beast rings like a bell.Or the wood may be dead .The truth is somewhere in between,i'll wager. Greeny was in a car accident with Gary Moore...

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