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  1. jk60LPTH

    Question about neck grain curvature

    When buying guitars I've always looked for ones with straight grain across the entire neck and headstock out of concern that a neck with grain curvature might be more prone to develop a twist than a neck with perfectly straight grained neck... is there any validity to that theory?
  2. jk60LPTH

    Class 5 & Special questions...

    I'd never heard of a Les Paul Class 5 until a friend told me he was going to sell a couple of his guitars. From the little I've been able to dig up, (and I don't know how accurate this is) I've been told the 'Class 5' is a reference to the top being an AAAAA. I believe it's also weight-relieved...
  3. jk60LPTH

    Truly Historic set of knobs

    Two True Historics. Both 1960's. One made in 2016, shipped from Dave's. Gold reflector knobs. Look like gold SG knobs, maybe slightly larger circumference top of knob. One made in 2017, shipped from CME. Smaller, shorter knobs, gold from inside, no reflector. Personally, I like the knobs on the...

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