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  1. Platte City Paul

    Refinish is Back

    My 94 plain burst was pretty beat up, so I had it refinished. I was looking for a bit darker green, but I'm happy with how it turned out! It is ding free, and my prediction is that will last a day or so. :) Before and after.
  2. Platte City Paul

    Jack White on SNL

    Dang...blistering guitar. I know he's not everyone's cup o' tea, but dang....
  3. Platte City Paul

    Rock and Roll Podcasts

    If you are a podcast listener, I'd recommend two: Imbalanced History of Rock and Roll Rock and Roll Archaeology Both are easy to find. GREAT information on each, and their approaches are different. The first is episodic and topical, depending on what Ray Koob and Markus want to talk about...
  4. Platte City Paul

    Greta Van Fleet in KC

    Just saw them here at the Starlight Theater. It was a really good show. They are a good live band.
  5. Platte City Paul

    I'm Taller!

    I had a physical therapy appointment at the VA yesterday to get a heel lift for my right leg. Turns out my right femur is 9mm shorter than the left. I had that checked TWICE while on active duty, by the way. Nothing significant found those times. The VA here did a full leg length set of...
  6. Platte City Paul

    Leslie 710 Innards?

    Anyone here know how to fix a Leslie 710? My friend has one and the upper speaker works. Nothing but hum out of the bottom. Anyone conversant in Leslie?? :)
  7. Platte City Paul

    12 String Wonders

    Just because. Enjoy the weekend, you crazies. And lastly.....
  8. Platte City Paul

    The Foo Fighters...

    I don't particularly connect with their music, but I love me some Foo Fighters anyway. Here is another example of what I think is The Coolest Band in Rock.
  9. Platte City Paul

    Don't Threaten to Quit Before a Gig

    We fired our singer and drummer today. We had a gig last night, and as we were rehearsing prior to, they got into a pissing contest over a mouse turd with our other guitarist. As we were packing out to head to the gig, both of them stated that they, "weren't having fun" and we're not going to...
  10. Platte City Paul

    BOLO Stolen '81 Custom Atlanta Area

    My friend's 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom was 'removed' from his basement within the last few weeks. Serial No. 83211522. No idea yet how it grew feet. The above is a paraphrase from his FB post. Looks like tobacco burst. Sucks.
  11. Platte City Paul

    What The Heck Do You Call....

    The rubber collars you put over your effects pedal knobs so you can adjust 'em with your feet?? Totally spaced here, and I gotta order some! Thanks. Signed, Senile in Platte City.
  12. Platte City Paul

    Happy Birthday, Slash.

    OK I'm not a supper Slash fan boy. However, it is his birthday, and that does give me the opportunity to say that Sweet Child o Mine is just about my favorite cover to play rhythm on. (Whisky Rock a Roller by Skynyrd is up there, too. Just sayin'...) Happy birfday, Slash. Enjoy!
  13. Platte City Paul

    Gigging is Cool

    You all may have seen me write before that, a little over a year ago and at the age of 52, I joined my first proper band. We played out again tonight, this time at our keyboardist's wedding. It was a short, 10 song set, but it was cool nonetheless. We closed with the song I'll call my nemesis...
  14. Platte City Paul

    Trog Review of LP STD '60s.

    Love me some Trogly. I bow to his prowess in reviewing kit. This is a good one. Thanks, Trog!
  15. Platte City Paul

    Ross Flanger

    I had a good pedal day. A coworker and I were talking pedals yesterday, and he said that he had an old flanger pedal at home he has no use for. He offered it to me free of charge. Well, today, he delivered a 70s vintage Ross Flanger, made right down the road from us decades ago in Chanute, KS...
  16. Platte City Paul

    Sing Your Solos?

    Strane question here, but does anyone sing their solos while playing them? We had a gig last night, and I tried to do vocalize some of the solos I played. I forgot to do that on others, because I am new enough, at 53..., to this whole "playing out" thing that I'm really still hanging on by my...
  17. Platte City Paul

    In Ear Monitors.

    The band just got a set of these. Man, do they make a difference. I'd say a night and day difference. The in ear part is the Shure SE215. The amplifier is a Behringer P2. It's not wireless, so there's that, but we can all control our own settings using the XAirMonitor app. We just broke them...
  18. Platte City Paul

    NGD - 2019 Gibson Les Paul - But What IS It??

    I just bought a satin finish Les Paul new off the floor in a sort of desert burst finish. What caught my eye was a full-binding sating burst lovely just begging to be taken home. Is it a 2018 or a 2019? Who knows. The serial number indicates it was made on the 1st day of 2019 (If I read the new...
  19. Platte City Paul

    No More, No More.

    This song popped into my head today for some reason. Asked the band if they wanted to cover it. Could be fun.
  20. Platte City Paul

    Premier Guitar Rig Rundown - Queen

    Pretty cool. The punchline, however, is about 32 minutes into it. It's not the rig, it's the player. Very cool.

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