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  1. JDZ

    1989 Navigator Blister Top

    Really nice older Navigator showed up today. Love the blistered maple top on it. Has a really nice one piece mahogany back, headstock has no wings, MOP markers, nitro finish. Plays and sounds fantastic, will be getting plenty of my attention. Props to @Udonitron for helping me date it.
  2. JDZ

    1994 Mushroom Les Paul

    Scored one of the really rare ones! Made in 1994, solid top, ebony board, lacquer with Van Zandt pickups. Looks to be all original.
  3. JDZ

    1987 Vestax Les Paul

    Found a really rare Vestax not too long ago. Vestax is one of the brands Shiino created after he left ESP. Likely custom order as there isn't a catalog with one of these and their other models weren't copies. Really nice guitar with fantastic solid flame top, one piece back, neck is one piece...
  4. JDZ

    A new Greco Model Found? 1981 EGF 850C

    Looks like I may have found a new non-catalog Greco model, arrived just today. Check out the ad with translation about a flame top custom model with PU-2's, EGF 850C. Details not in the ad: rosewood board, mother of pearl markers, fret edge binding, veneer top and 'Super Sound Custom' truss...
  5. JDZ

    1980 Navigator LPS-200?

    Picked up a really nice early Navigator with pots dated to second week of Oct 1979, so I'm assuming it was made in 1980. Info is thin on these, the 1980 catalog has LPS-90, 100, 120, 150 and 200. No way to be sure of the model, but this one was has some great specs: Solid flame top, DiMarzio...
  6. JDZ

    1980 Burny FLG-150

    Took a huge risk on this guitar. Until I had it in my hands there was no way to be sure if it was an FLG-90 or FLG-150, but the MIJ gods were most kind! FLG-150 is a really rare Burny model that came with amazing tops, one piece back, Duncan 59 pickups and finished in nitro. Looks very...
  7. JDZ

    FS: Momose White Blonde Tele - High End MIJ

    Momose MTL2-STD /M WBD Momose is one of the top Japanese manufacturers of traditional style guitars. Their guitars are all hand made (no CNC) with an attention to detail, fit and finish second to none. All their guitars are custom shop quality or better. Momose Tele, made early 2017, in White...
  8. JDZ

    Relic Custom Order Strat

    DSC02617 DSC02657 DSC02619s DSC02652 DSC02654 DSC02649 2015 Navigator ORDER N-ST Aged Custom order Strat made at ESP Technical House in Tokyo Japan
  9. JDZ

    1980 Tokai LS-120 Custom Order

    Took a total gamble on this guitar. Was one where there was no way to be sure what it actually was. Took forever to get here as well. Veneer flame top, one piece back, original electronics and Dimarzios, rosewood board, MOP inlays. Has repaired break/crack at base of headstock. Repair...
  10. JDZ

    Yamaha SG GAS

    I'm finding a really like 80's Yamaha SG's, but I really dig some of the more unusual models some of which were only offered in Japan. Here are two I recently got my hands on, the Deep Purple one I've been wanting for a while. 1981 SG2000 DP (as in DEEP PURPLE) Only 600 were made for the...
  11. JDZ

    NGD '80 Greco EGF-1200

    This is an overdue NGD, but there's a bit of a story Greco fans will enjoy. I got this guitar back in October and was really surprised just how nice its condition was when it arrived. Straight away I dropped it off at a local luthier for a level, crown and polish of the frets. Where I live is...
  12. JDZ

    81 Tokai ES-150J

    This guitar arrived last week and it is something pretty special. Transparent red with Cashew Lacquer finish. Neck for the model is ebony, which looking at it must be striped ebony. There were Jazz and Rock versions of these, this one is a jazz version the difference being the pickups. Jazz...
  13. JDZ

    NGD: 1984 Greco EG Super Custom

    Pictures first! Then the long and short of what I've been able to dig up, and hopefully the experts here can shed more light. But it is an '84 Greco copy of an '84 Gibson Les Paul Limited Edition Super Custom :shock: yeah, I got a headache trying to figure that out...
  14. JDZ

    NGD: Tokai LS100

    Been lurking, learning and doing a bit of buying. Very impressed with the knowledge here. Just received this '82 Tokai LS100 yesterday and wanted to share. Came with original hardshell case, really happy with this one, pleasure to play :acoustic: Looks like everything is original, but the...

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