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  1. Rocco Crocco

    Please critique my mix

    I recently started using a Plugin Alliance plug-in called ADPTR A/B, which allows you to quickly click back and forth between your mix and whatever reference tracks you are using. This has been really helpful in getting the relationships between the different instruments to sound good. It's also...
  2. Rocco Crocco

    Practice Studio Setup

    No you would need powered monitors, or passive monitors with a separate power amp.
  3. Rocco Crocco

    My pups are stamped "E"...what are they?

    stamped where specifically?
  4. Rocco Crocco

    Looking for $ value on this Epi Custom

    I bought a 2nd Epiphone Tak Matsumoto DC Les Paul. It did not have that MIRC sticker... regular serial number and 2nd stamp. The only thing I could find off with the guitar was that the finish near the volume/tone controls was little hazy. Fabulous guitar. With that neck issue I'd pass unless...
  5. Rocco Crocco

    Took a chance and purchased my first LP

    That top is beautiful. Congrats!
  6. Rocco Crocco

    I just got permantly banned on TGP

  7. Rocco Crocco

    How to identify model?

    1750 is way too much for that guitar. You can get a regular Traditional which are more valuable for less than that. I would not pay more than 1200.
  8. Rocco Crocco

    Space Force Uniforms

    It might not seem like it, but this is topical.
  9. Rocco Crocco

    How else do you get free toilet paper?

    We only have thin shiity TP at work. Would not steal.
  10. Rocco Crocco

    10" speakers for modeling amps

    They make a couple, and from I read people love them. I have experience with the Yamaha DXR10mkII 1100W 10 inch Powered Speaker | Sweetwater , which was a speaker that another guitarist I know uses. It sounds really nice. Better sounding than the Headrush 12" I had, which of course is less...
  11. Rocco Crocco

    10" speakers for modeling amps

    Yamaha makes a 10" powered PA speaker that kicks ass with modelers.
  12. Rocco Crocco

    Practice Studio Setup

    Line 6 HX Stomp and inexpensive studio monitors.
  13. Rocco Crocco

    New Guitar Daze - NGD x 3

    I would never leave the house...
  14. Rocco Crocco

    If you were buying a les paul style

    The neck pickup looks like it may be upside down. Can't tell for sure because of the pic. Also, I would check the intonation - the adjustment screws are backed very far out. I would be worried the guitar can't be intonated.
  15. Rocco Crocco

    How to quit your job... mic drop.

  16. Rocco Crocco

    valvestate what?

    I was in a band with a dude that had a Valvestate head and cab... this was early 90s.... there was nothing wrong with his sound.... it helps when you're a great player, too like he was.
  17. Rocco Crocco

    Boss IR-200

    You don't meet many people if you've never seen a bigger dickhead.
  18. Rocco Crocco

    Boss IR-200

    This is a cool vid about the POD.

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