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  1. jc2000

    Antique burst Trio!

    Do you think I like this color?? :applause:
  2. jc2000


    I ordered this over a month ago and with the whole shut down thing it was back ordered... But I got a call from Sweetwater and it is now on its way....:applause:
  3. jc2000

    Martin SC 13e

    Just saw this. Looks like a good idea, but a bolt on neck for an acoustic....:facepalm...
  4. jc2000

    Guitar case holder

    So my son bought this for my birthday. I have a few guitars in the basement and a few upstairs in the living room. I always keep my guitars in their cases and takes up a lot of floor space, not to mention in a basement you really want to keep them off the floor just in case. .
  5. jc2000

    public service announcement for strat buyers

    Just in case you are buying a new strat from a store. I went to GC and bought a new Fender USA srat pro. The sales clerk went in the back to get the case. everything was in there, all the case candy.. I was so excited to get it home I absolutely love this guitar. When I got home I could not get...
  6. jc2000

    JB Cruise

    Anyone ever go on the Joe Bonamassa blues cruise? Looks like something I would enjoy. Just wondering if its more hassle than its worth.
  7. jc2000


    Had to buy myself a new years present.....American pro.....
  8. jc2000

    Trad Pro price

    Why is Guitar center selling a new Trad pro model for 2799. and a regular Trad for 1799.?????? Doesn't make sense to me??? I love 2013 Pro, but I will take a Traditional over the pro all day long.
  9. jc2000

    Heading to Vegas

    So the wife and I are heading to Vegas this week. Going out for my nieces wedding, so were only staying for 3 nights. We don't gamble but are doing the helicopter to Grand canyon trip. I know there are lots of restaurants' and stuff, but not sure what else to do. We don't want to break the bank...
  10. jc2000

    Top Wrap

    Who does it ????
  11. jc2000


    Yup, I did it. New Pointer Day! I just think it's such a classic look..
  12. jc2000

    Humming issue

    I have a humming issue with my fender blues Jr. I have my amp vol on 10 and my master on 2 or 3, when I dial my master up I get a lot of humming? any body ever have this issue?
  13. jc2000

    PU help

    I have a 2013 Traditional Pro II and installed some PU covers on it. I seem to have a hum that wasn't there before. Talking in some other threads it seems maybe I hurt some thing in the PU during the soldering process? I may just want to replace the pick up with something like a 59'? Can someone...
  14. jc2000

    PU choices

    What is a good PU to install in my 2013 Trad II? I'm looking for that late 50's sound?
  15. jc2000

    Fender Blues JR problems

    So my Fender Blues jr is only about 3 years old and hardly used. I went to play it last night and its making a lot of noise? anybody having the same issues?
  16. jc2000

    covers/ PIC Heavy

    Ok, so I got my 2013 Pro II done this weekend. The mods were new Cream tone plastic and Nichol PU covers from Phila Luthier supply. Thanks to everyone here at MLP who helped me with this. Everything fit great. Here are pics of my process. Please forgive the PU soldering, Im not that good with...
  17. jc2000

    "NEW GAS"

    Fender Stratocaster player series.. Anyone have any exp with these guitars?
  18. jc2000

    Love my LP

    That's all I really wanted to say..... 6 years now and I absolutely still love playing it.
  19. jc2000

    Carpal Tunnel surgery

    Any one ever had it done? I have to have both hands done....:Ohno:
  20. jc2000

    NGD Guild F-2512e

    I just ordered this new 12 string It should be coming in this week. I CANT WAIT!!!!!

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