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  1. dro

    Protector Case

    So Gibson rereleased a new version of the Chainsaw case. Will it come standard with a new Les Paul? Or is it an add on item only?
  2. dro

    How many here?

    Actually own and like their Gibson Les Paul's? I'm seeing allot of people who bitch about this or that. Myself, I like my guitars. I find the one I like I buy it, set it up to my specs, with my strings. And I'm a happy camper. I don't need to add bling like strap locks. Don't remove pickup...
  3. dro

    Pre Internet Rehearsals

    Was reminiscing the other day. Going over all the different music I have learned over the years. From Country to Rock, Top 40 to Disco, America to Zeppelin. Of all the music I have learned over the years. Only in the past few have I used the Internet for any of it. And, just like sheet music, I...
  4. dro

    Tuning Issues ( Anybody )

    It seems every time I turn around lately I hear someone saying that Les Paul's, though great sounding, just wont stay in tune. Who here, who is a Les Paul player, has a problem with keeping your guitar in tune? I have been playing guitar well over half of my life. Have played everything from the...
  5. dro

    New ABR-1

    Since these have a press in bushing, I'm wondering if these will fit on a Nashville post ? Are they even selling these yet ?
  6. dro

    Alcohol and Ebay...Bad Idea?

    Anyone else have one too many and think, ( Oh Hell I'll throw out a lowball bid, It'll be outbid in a couple hours) Only to watch for a week after and nobody bids.. CONGRATS YOU WON. Well that's how I ended up with a really sweet Les Paul Classic for a very good deal. But I doubt I would have...
  7. dro

    Thunderstruck SG on ebay

    Just incase anyone is interested just posted this on ebay last night. Cant keep 'em a ll
  8. dro

    New to MLP and to Kansas City

    Hi everyone; Singer, songwriter, guitar hacker. Getting settled in new environment.

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