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  1. River

    To What I've Been Up

    Playing Les Pauls, mostly.
  2. River

    Daniel's Tragedy

    An MLP member I always considered a kindred spirit, since banned apparently, has suffered a personal tragedy the likes of which few of us can comprehend. His 17-year-old daughter committed suicide. Daniel is apparently long-banned, and cannot access and retrieve photographs of his daughter...
  3. River

    Not To Worry

    He's in good hands.
  4. River

    Yes, Virginia, You Can Gig an Eleven Rack

    They don't slide effortlessly into the role, and I know of at least one vastly more capable member then me here who tried and gave it up. Can't blame him, and for many it's just not worth the effort (and expenses beyond what the manufacturer and sales outlets would have you believe). The...
  5. River

    The future's uncertain...

    ...and the end is always near. About four hours ago, the grandmother/matriarch of a local family, whose grandchildren Riverette and I give guitar lessons to, read to, and enjoy watching splash in our creek with our dogs in warm weather, and sled down our driveway in winter, was killed in a...
  6. River

    Well, Finally Had To Do It

    >>PLONK!!<< a couple of members who have been stalking my posts, conspiring between them to teach me a lesson and "take me out", making assumptions about my tastes in music and age/gender/genre prejudices, stuffing my PM inbox with insults, and generally annoying me no end. Every time I log...
  7. River


    Farewell, my brother. I knew it, I just knew it. Didn't want to face it, but I just knew it. :sadwave: A place in my heart and mind, you will always have.
  8. River

    For Those Of You Gigging Boat Anchors

    Many of you know that one of my primary gigging guitars, a '92 Standard, weighs 12.0 pounds. Sumbich is heavy, and I prefer lighter guitars. But the thing has great sentimental value (it was a birthday gift), even greater tone, and a decade or more ago I found a 4" wide strap padded with...
  9. River

    What Makes Greta Tick?

    I ask because a) I simply adore this amp, and b) I'm going to build my own amp one of these days, and it should be as Greta-like as possible (maybe with a few added bells and whistles, but probably not). I've read pretty much everything about it that I can find on the Web, including this...
  10. River

    Master Vol/Tone vs. Two Volumes

    I've had this lovely little P-90 Godin for a few months now. Two SD P-90s, three-way (Tele-style) switch, master tone and master volume: Classic P-90 tone in the neck, middle position remarkably Strat-like (note that the bridge pickup is in a different position than most Gibsons), and...
  11. River

    Jewel Lights

    A bit of frivolity on the eve of a national holiday that seems to have a few of us unduly stressed. I love old-fashioned, pre-LED jewel lights on amps. Takes me back to my experience with Led Zep's "LA Drone", which was recorded in broad daylight for the HTWWW album, but which I witnessed in...
  12. River

    The Rivertorium Is Safe and Secure... far. I've gotten several PMs asking about our safety in view of all the wildfires out here, so I thought I'd bring you guys up to speed. There are several wildfires burning thoughout the valley, but none of them are in worrisome proximity, and none are (yet) conflagrations like the Black...
  13. River

    Got The "Big Gig"

    Well, it's not that big, but it's huge to me. Just got word that our audition for the local area's 15th annual music festival was accepted. We'll be the second act on the first day (Friday afternoon). Attendance is a couple of thousand people per day, two stages, with headliners the likes of...
  14. River

    Use Sunscreen!

    A close acquaintance of ours has been in the hospital, where they removed several tumors from her brain. She’s young, strong, surgery went well, and she’s recovering rapidly. Sounds like a decent prognosis should be in order, but it turns out those tumors are skin cancer, not brain, and...
  15. River

    Help, Please, With an Obscure Page/Zep Solo

    I've tried to figure this one out for years now. I know it's "simple", but it eludes me, and I'm probably going to be playing (and singing) the song in front of 1,000 people in a couple of months. The song works without the solo, but man, I'd like to be able to include it. I don't need it...
  16. River

    Mic Through Guitar Wireless System?

    I tried this briefly here at home, and it seems to work: SM58 mic -> XLR-TS 1/4 patch cord -> Line 6 G30 -> amp I tried it because at band rehearsal today I realized that my best performance is better aided by not having to worry about getting to the mic stand than it is by freedom from a...
  17. River

    What Am I Doing With This Progression?

    This chord progression came to me the other day, and for the first time in my lame attempts at songwriting, a melody and even lyrics came along with it. So I might finally have something with potential. :fingersx: I want to show it to the band next week, and need to be able to talk...
  18. River

    Advice On Two Problems With a Fender Amp

    My '02 Pro Tube Pro Reverb has developed two problems recently. 1) The tremolo doesn't work. I don't use it that frequently, so I don't know if it faded away or just stopped working abruptly. 2) The amp's developed a soft, wavy background hiss which, while not loud enough to preclude...
  19. River

    Thanks for the knowledge. Here's something I did with it.

    A friend of ours is a single mother on a very tight budget. She bought her daughter an electric guitar starter kit for Christmas, which set her back $80. :shock: Her daughter's been playing acoustic and taking lessons for a couple of years now, and she's quite passionate and accomplished for...
  20. River

    Another Rewind P-90 Rewire

    The harness I got from James at Rewind (MLP's cooljuk) for my '60 Melody Maker ( made the inadequacy of the harness in my Epi '57 Reissue Junior stand out in rather bold relief. The harness in it was not original Epi...

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