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  1. filtersweep

    Face and neck tattoos

    The local Sunday newspaper magazine profiled some people with face and neck tattoos. One guy not only heavily tattooed his face, neck, and hands, but legally changed his name to 'Lucifer.' His profession was listed as 'unemployed.' I might sound old-fashioned or judgmental, but is anyone...
  2. filtersweep

    New electric car purchase- thoughts and realities

    Our main car died spectacularly a few months ago. For ‘reasons’ we ordered a new Audi Q4 eTron Quattro— sight unseen. They were not even available at dealers at the time. A week ago we bought a new boat for the family. Three days later it was destroyed in a fire. My wife was obsessed with...
  3. filtersweep

    PSA- Check your insurance coverage

    Our boathouse at our summer home burned to the ground. There is literally nothing left of it. We had just purchased a brand new boat a few days prior. Our boat is fully covered- though there is a shortage in new boat engines. The boat we just bought arrived months late. The structure is...
  4. filtersweep

    Neighbor’s trees

    … except I am actually that neighbor. I went over to the neighbors to let them know I would be painting the cap on my brick fence that separates our property. I need to access it by ladder from his property. It is in his best interest to be cool about it- which he was. While talking with him...
  5. filtersweep

    Helping widow sell husband’s guitars?

    A coworker’s husband died from cancer a year ago. He owned a bunch of Gibsons. The wife doesn’t really know what she has, because Gibson’s serial number system is so wonky. She approached me about helping her appraise them, and potentially help her sell them. Is this a recipe for trouble that...
  6. filtersweep

    Replicas of replicas?!?

    This is s Facebook group- dedicated to Derrigs. It should be relatively open: What baffles me is all the people who own replicas of Derrigs. My working assumption is that deviation in his builds were purely incidental. But who am I to say?
  7. filtersweep

    P90s thoughts

    Not sure if this belongs here, or in reissues, or other or what..... but here it goes.... For Gibsons, I own an R8, a Custom Lite, and awesome SG Standard--- all with humbuckers, and a 60s Tribute with P90s. I am really into the P90s tone-- it is becoming my tone, and I am recording more and...
  8. filtersweep

    Thoughts on string gauge—

    I have long been a proponent of heavier strings— nothing extreme, but nothing too light. I use standard tuning. I like how heavier strings respond more quickly. Then I found this— on a really interesting channel: This seems to advocate more for lighter strings. Is this BS? Thoughts...
  9. filtersweep

    Les Pauls vs SGs- Price

    Ok - I own a range of Les Pauls: R8, Standard, and Tribute (for P90s). i also own an SG Standard- traded a MIM Cabronita Tele for it. I didn’t need another Gibson, but an even local trade like that?!? It has a massive neck that the previous owner couldn’t deal with. Granted an SG has its...
  10. filtersweep


    They don’t make them like they used to. I had lived in 17 addresses during my tenure on this planet. Two addresses I lived long enough to buy new fridges for fashion— not necessity. That is 19 refrigerators. Some were 50s models in funky old apartments. All the rentals had dirt cheap fridges...
  11. filtersweep

    A tale of four Gibsons

    In chronological order-- there was a point in time when I had five Fenders--- three Teles (Baja, Cabronita, and a 72 Deluxe RI), a Strat and a US Jaguar. As of today, only the Baja remains.... so what happened? Every guitar has a story--- and those that don't seem to get cleared out of my...
  12. filtersweep

    ABR Bridges- installed backwards

    Am I hallucinating, or are a good number of ABR bridges mounted backwards on random guitars I see online? Or is it a ‘thing’- like top wrapping?
  13. filtersweep

    Anaconda burst: whats up?

    My local store has a close-out Slash anaconda burst for sale at a Standard price (give or take). On the Gibson site, they are listed well above an R9 price. I see that they offer different finishes, and some are signed, but is this a model made by Epiphone, Gibson USA, and as a Custom Shop...
  14. filtersweep

    Best approach for replacing production pickups?

    What is the best approach for trying a new set of non-quick connect pickups in a production Gibson? I’m not seeing better options than splicing in a quick connect plug. I could see replacing the ‘board ‘ if I am ready to really commit.... but until then, any better ideas?
  15. filtersweep

    Quck connect question

    i could open the cavities and check- but thought I’d ask here first: I have two guitars with 490/498 pickups. One has coil tapping- the other doesn’t. Do both use the same connectors- with empty pins on the regular pickups? Do both have 4 wire leads- and the same pickups- or do the regular...
  16. filtersweep

    NGD- 2014 R8 -Washed Cherry VOS

    Long and crazy story-- trying to find a local R8. Eventually I settled on the idea of getting a 2013 or newer, but I couldn't find anyone selling one locally.... so I waited... and waited... and posted a 'wanted to buy ad.' Eventually someone replied with this--- then he decided he wanted to...
  17. filtersweep

    What would you choose: R7, R8, or 68 RI?

    I'm looking at reissues-- based on price and location. I don't have so many options nearby. Initially, my ideal guitar was an R8-- for bang for the buck. I can't justify an R9-- as I intend to play this thing. In the past, my nicer guitars ended up being museum pieces, and life is too short...
  18. filtersweep

    VOS finish quality

    i’m looking at a few used VOS reissues- R8s and an R7. Several have backs in rough shape. Not horrible, but scratched, marked, a few dings. Is this more indicative how they were treated? Or— is this like my Tribute, were it scratches by just looking at it- regardless of how gentle I am-...
  19. filtersweep

    Why did you sell your reissue?

    I know guitars are guitars, at any price point. I know that needs and priorities change over time. I am looking at buying either an R8 or 68 Custom RI. I already have three production Gibsons, but was bit by the bug. Unfortunately there is nothing available locally. I am a bit skeptical about...
  20. filtersweep

    90s vs CS vs modern production Les Pauls

    i was recently on vacation and wandered into a guitar shop where they had a 98 Les Paul- more or less a clown burst. For a 20 year old guitar, it looked rough: finish checking around the bridge, some major dings, many frets were very worn under the G string, and a sizable chunk of finish...

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