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  1. decoy205

    WTB - 70's Grover 'Milk Bottle' Keystone head Tuner Gold for LP Custom

    Looking for a single treble side tuner like the one in the pic, but would consider a set if you have. Thanks! -John
  2. decoy205

    Norlin Pickguard screw question

    Hey all, I posted this over in the norlin section but thought maybe people here would be of assistance:
  3. decoy205

    Pickguard screw sizes?

    Hey All, I finally got around to working in the 73 custom I recently got. It came without a pickguard and I never really knew I was a “pickguard on” person! I found an early 70s custom guard and bracket and the guitar actually had the top mount screw but not the screw that mounts to the side of...
  4. decoy205

    Case question

    I’m thinking about getting a newer style case for the 73 custom I just picked up. The original case handle is broken and I’m probably going to try and fix it, I was thinking a newer case would protect it better and be more useable. I then wondered if the newer cases mess with the older...
  5. decoy205

    LP custom Pickguard Bracket

    Hey Folks, I found a pickguard on eBay for the 73 custom I just got but it has no bracket. Can’t seem to find a period correct one online. Is a current part still the same? Is a Creametone part an option? Any advice is helpful! I’m also looking for tulip tip milk bottle Grover tuners but...
  6. decoy205

    NNCD! 1973 Ebony Les Paul Custom

    Hi All, This is my 2020 Xmas Present that I couldn’t wait to share... pics first: It seems to be in fantastic shape for an almost 50 year old guitar. I’ve always wanted a black custom, I had a 2007 for a few but sold that to fund another guitar. To me the newer ones don’t...
  7. decoy205

    Gassing for a Norlin is Reverb a good starting point?

    I may be able to buy a new guitar at the top of next year. Really leaning towards an early 70s Custom. Probably can’t afford a case queen but want a player anyways. If you guys were on the hunt where would you start? I’m just doing some recon until I’m actually able to purchase. cheers!
  8. decoy205

    Almost time for a new recording computer Mac or PC?

    I’ve been using my bro’s Mac Pro since about 2013 and before that I used a 2005 G5 tower. The Mac Pro is starting to really slow down and become unreliable and I can’t really update the software anymore since the hardware is old. I love the interface and usability of the MacOS and I’m used...
  9. decoy205

    WTB MHD Pickup(s)

    I’m looking for one of Rayne’s bridge pickups. I’d prefer one on the higher output spectrum of things like an Asylum or a Straight Jacket. Not really looking for low output paf styles. I’d like uncovered with black bobbins but let me know what you have. I’m mostly in need of a bridge pup, but...
  10. decoy205

    Repro Parts that will react to black light

    I put my guitar under a black light just to see if any of the parts would glow. I spent enough on them I figured why not see. The only parts that did were the Vintage Haven parts. The R/T ring lit up like a rave and the tuner tips were glowing but not as strong. The OTP rings I have did...
  11. decoy205

    Mini Dirty Shirley and MF

    So I finally decided to take the plunge on the Friedman MDS. Then realized they were backordered most places. I saw MF had an open box in “mint” condition so I took a shot. Got it on Friday ups of course. I took it out to check it and noticed I heard a piece of metal moving around inside...
  12. decoy205

    NRD - Awesome replica content within

    Last week, Jan 16th I took delivery of a special guitar. I’ve waited a long time for this beast, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It is without a doubt the best playing Les Paul I’ve had my hands on and certainly the best playing guitar I own. Pics first: IMG_2752 by...
  13. decoy205

    Considering picking up a Marshall Lead 12 for home use

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a good soulution for a decent amp sound in my room. I've been doing a lot of reading and video watching on this amp lately and it seems like it can do a lot of what I need. It seems like they are going for around $150 bucks these days and it's not like I can go...
  14. decoy205

    The International Workhorse of Mystery...The Infamous RIST WH007 Spotted

    Spotted on a secret operation in Northern NJ. Clearly some sort of espionage was taking place. I was able to document the sighting before the clandestine subject left the scene. I will post these but i'm sure at some point the evidence will be destroyed and filed in the Area 51 Archives...
  15. decoy205

    The Rock Center tree 2013

    Passed the tree this morning. Thought I'd share! Merry Christmas! Let the Xmas tree posting begin!
  16. decoy205

    One of my projects now on Itunes!

    I know its not that huge of a deal but finally after about 7 years this album is released. A lot of it was done with a '55 LP junior. Great guitar great tones. Just thought i'd share! :cool:
  17. decoy205

    Peavey 5150 Troubleshooting Question? Amp Tech help?

    Hey Guys, I bought my 5150 around 6 years ago. It was obviously used quite a bit. It seemed to work ok for a while. Then when I stopped giggin it sat for a bit. and I played a show hear or there and had issues. i swapped the tubes and it would be ok for a while again then go back to this...
  18. decoy205

    A very sad way for a 1959 to end up!

    1959 Gibson Les Paul Jr in Bad Shape for Parts | eBay :shock: Item # 350889452311
  19. decoy205

    FS: Gibson deluxe Historic kluson tuners.

    Brief & Accurate Description: Full set of historic kluson tuners with bushings and screws barely used. Modifications (if any): No Accessories (hardshell case etc): No Location (City,State or City,Country): NY/NJ Area International OK? : If buyer pays additional...
  20. decoy205

    FS: Pigtail Studs and Bushings Unaged

    Brief & Accurate Description: Pigtail Unaged Nickel Plated Studs and Bushings Modifications (if any): No Accessories (hardshell case etc): No Location (City,State or City,Country): NY/NJ Area International OK? : If buyer pays additions shipping Contact Info (No...

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