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  1. Skit

    Gibson Les Paul Collectors Choice #1 Melvyn Franks/Peter Green/Gary Moore

    Gibson Les Paul Collectors Choice #1 Melvyn Franks/Peter Green/Gary Moore 10k on Reverb
  2. Skit

    Storing multiple pickups question

    Winders or anyone else who knows. I have a bunch of pickups (humbuckers) and I would like to know how to properly store them near each other so as not to affect the magnets. They are kind of scattered around now and I would like to put them all in one box. How far apart should they be and can I...
  3. Skit

    Here is a hell of a deal!!!

    Get it before someone else snatches it up!!!
  4. Skit

    FS: Wizz, OX4 and Waterbranes

    Only the Waterbranes are left. All these pickups sound incredible. Price includes priority mail shipping and I pay PP fees. Readings were taken with room temp at 74°. OX4 aged (I would say lightly aged) covered - neck 7.40, bridge 8.56 - SOLD Wizz Premium Clone PAF double cream aged...
  5. Skit

    Weird problem, Reverb in French

    This just started today. If I view Items for sale on Reverb (example Gibson R8) just about everything is in French except the description of the item. The items are all listed in the US that I looked at. When I log in everything is in English. Weird man, weird. :wtf: Edit: OK I just figured it...
  6. Skit

    Fake Ibanez JEM

    Fake Ibanez JEM on craigslist. Ibanez JEM for sale
  7. Skit

    NOT a 1980's Tokai

    Not 1980's. Looks like it's maybe Korean. He had it listed as Made in Japan but changed that.
  8. Skit

    Bacchus Korina Explorer on the way

    The Korina V will soon have a new family member to hang out with. A Bacchus Korina Explorer.
  9. Skit

    60th b-day incoming Korina V

    The 2nd was my 60th b-day so I figured what the hey. I've been looking for one of these for a while. Stock photo but I'll post pics when it arrives. :naughty:
  10. Skit

    $999,999 for a Burst

    Damn, and you still have to pay $170 for shipping.
  11. Skit

    Another Chibson...please report

    Another counterfeit with the infamous 00170xxx 2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar Pristine No Reserve 711106011110 | eBay Reported
  12. Skit

    Not a 1965 Vibro Champ

    Seller claims it is all original except for the speaker. Face plate is from the second blackface era, 1981-1982. Logo on the front is wrong also. It looks like the transformer dates to '77. Which could very well be in a '78. I remember when this was listed on e bay and if I remember correctly...
  13. Skit

    Groove on this.

    The Rolling Stones - Bitch - YouTube Nuff said.
  14. Skit

    NPD Rockbox Boiling Point

    Rockbox Boiling Point OD, very versatile goes from clean chime to plexi type distortion and a whole lot more. I'm liking it. The range of sounds that you can get out of this thing is incredible. Rockbox Boiling Point Overdrive - YouTube The Rockbox Boiling Point - YouTube
  15. Skit

    OK...what the hell?

    This is a Vibro Champ. What the hell?
  16. Skit

    NAD: Black Face Vibro Champ

    1966 Vibro Champ arrived Friday. I can't stop playing this thing. Man this amp sounds great. The wife just stands there and smiles and says, "I really like that, that sounds great." I've played a few guitars through it and it only gets better the more I play. The speaker was replaced with a...
  17. Skit

    Black Face Vibro Champ wiring question

    Would any one know what the reason would be for the new turret board and the black caps in this '66 BF Vibro Champ?
  18. Skit

    Drug site Silk Road wiped out by Bitcoin glitch

    2.7 million in bitcoin gone. Aww.... "The revived online black market Silk Road says hackers took advantage of an ongoing Bitcoin glitch to steal $2.7 million from its customers. The underground website's anonymous administrator told users Thursday evening that attackers had made off with...
  19. Skit

    Interesting...Looks like a JDM Tak Elite

    Interesting Elite... "What you're looking at here is an Epiphone Elite Les Paul in brand new condition. (Line name later changed to "Elitist") This guitar was purchased directly from Epiphone at a factory direct sale in February 2013. I don't know the date of manufacture since there is no...
  20. Skit

    Another wonderful relic job

    What the hell was this guy thinking? :laugh2: Aged Distressed Relic Epiphone by Gibson Les Paul 100 Custom Finish Slash | eBay WOW!! :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

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