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  1. Benniator

    $849 for an Epiphone Les Paul Junior?

    If that’s the going rate for Epi Custom Shop LP’s, I might have to sell my Limited Edition.
  2. Benniator

    Sold. 2020 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s w/P-90’s.

    That’s pretty light for an Original Collection goldtop. The majority seem to hover around 10 lbs. glws!
  3. Benniator

    Is this normal? Neck Pickup ring bends a little

    You can still register your guitar late, but it’ll be replaced with an Epiphone under warranty.
  4. Benniator

    How to store a LP without the stand leaving marks in the neck?

    It has the autolock. It came with the extra rubber pieces, but I’m not using them. They’re included so you can hang smaller-headstocked instruments, like ukuleles.
  5. Benniator

    How to store a LP without the stand leaving marks in the neck?

    I’ve had my 2019 Standard ‘60s on a Hercules stand for 2 years and I’ve seen no indentations or nitro reactions. I guess it’s luck of the draw when it comes to finishes?
  6. Benniator

    60's Standard 61 pickups?

    I did the same thing with my ‘60s Standard. The ‘61s weren’t BAD, but they didn’t blow me away. The overwound Fralin Pure PAFs I put in woke the guitar up.
  7. Benniator

    Pickup Imbalance After Setup

    Unfortunately, it sounds like the guitar is a total loss. Send it to me and I’ll dispose of it properly.
  8. Benniator

    Can You Believe This - Gibson Overpriced It Bigtime

    Are you kidding? It would be a bargain at twice the price.
  9. Benniator

    Les Paul Standard '50s P-90 - Gold Top - Out of Stock

    Chicago Music Exchange has 2 new P90 Goldtop Standards on their site right now. Here’s a link to one of them.
  10. Benniator

    Headstock repaired pricing

    Out of curiosity, are they noting the neck repair somewhere on the sales tag?
  11. Benniator

    Orianthi SJ-200 CS signature.

    It’s not often that you see a poly finish applied to the artist instead of the instrument.
  12. Benniator

    What year LP Standards are tobacco burst/60’s neck?

    Some '60s Standards' Bourbon burst are pretty close to Tobacco burst, just with more red in the transition. The edges of my '60s Standard's burst are essentially black. You could keep your eye out for one on sites like Sweetwater and Wildwood when they get restocked.
  13. Benniator

    uneven finish on nut?

    Had it on my Standard too. It’s nothing.
  14. Benniator

    " Show me What you Have "

    2019 '60s Standard sans pickguard.
  15. Benniator

    Studio or Tribute?

    They also have the mahogany top version on sale for the same price.
  16. Benniator

    Studio or Tribute?

    If you’re looking to buy new, Guitar Center has the Traditional Pro V on sale for $100 more than a Studio.
  17. Benniator

    Practice amp recommendations? (Presets, headphone, etc)

    I’ve got a Blues Cube Stage and I think it’s a fantastic-sounding solid state amp.
  18. Benniator

    possible Gibson BFG purchase.

    Didn’t these retail for $800 USD?
  19. Benniator


    This thread is a perfect example of how to treat potential customers. I see this guitar selling quickly, based on the seller’s affable nature. Good luck with the sale, brah.

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