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    Fender neck makes cracking sound when pressure is applied?

    Nothing wrong with the 3 bolt neck. I've bee a G&L player since inception. The Leo era guitar, with 3 bolt necks are far superior instruments than the BBE models of today. Much more adjustability. Just keep the bolts tight.
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    Fender neck makes cracking sound when pressure is applied?

    Patient: It hurts when I do this. Doc: Don't do that. Pay at the window.
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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    1960 RI 60 61RI
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    The Correct Way To Relic A GoldTop ??

    All I had to do was own it. Bought mine brand new. Only for tracking in the studio. Kept in case in guitar closet. In about 5 years the finish cracked all to hell. Sorry I don't have a photo after the cracks. Sold it the same day I found the cracks. That's why I opened the case, Had a buyer.
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    Sticky Neck Finishes

    Whatcha been puttin' on your hands there Scooter?
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    Whats the most expensive Les Paul youd be comfortable gigging with?

    Only guitar I've never gigged is the Martin OM-28 I just picked up. I would have trouble taking a $3000. acoustic into a bar. Not to say I haven't done it. But a Les Paul is pretty tough. If you're afraid of scratching it. You shouldn't have bought it in the first place. Cause... If you...
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    Unburst Les Paul Std color looks off to me

    What they look like not near as important as how they sound through a proper tube amp. If buying on looks alone. You'll never find "THAT Guitar". If playin through an emulator. May as well save some money and buy an Epi.
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    New Band Names

    Stovepipe Reloads
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    Protector Case

    My Pancake Custom is in the original chainsaw case. Latches still work. Probably the best plastic case made, besides the latches. Very thick material.
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    Protector Case

    So Gibson rereleased a new version of the Chainsaw case. Will it come standard with a new Les Paul? Or is it an add on item only?
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    2 Years Ago

    So True. Congrats SnakeLady Last week my daughter was 2. This week I have 6 grand kids.. 5 girls and a boy. Time flies indeed.
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    What sounds better than a Les Paul + OCD + Tweed?

    I don't mind the tweed amps. It's the OCD I have a problem with.
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    What sounds better than a Les Paul + OCD + Tweed?

    Les Paul-Hot Drive-N-Boost- JTM45
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    Pulling Strings After Tuning Down

    I am always pulling on my strings when I tune. If the strobe is moving a tad sharp I'll try to stretch the string into tune 3 0r 4 times before I'll tune down. Then if I have to tune down. You bet, I'll stretch before going back up.
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    Dream Guitar/Guitar Porn

    Have dreamed of a Gibson Byrdland ever since I first saw Ted Nugent in concert in 1975. Have only ever played one. Didn't want to put it down.
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    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    It's not just guitars I just bought two 10' cables for $140. You get what you pay for. My keyboard player would spend $5000.-$6000. on a keyboard. and connect it with $2.00 cables. Different people put their priority in different places. Don't judge me and I won't judge you.
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    Why is the ‘59 ‘burst so highly coveted?!

    1960 RI 2006 LPS For the money, The 2006 works well for me. The RI was more than double the price. The main difference, the bridge and tailpiece, pickups and caps. I played the 2006 live for so long, its like home to me. Would I like to have a real 1960? Absolutely. But that's the cost of a...
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    Christie McVie songs make me want to jump off a building...

    I think Montrose was earlier than that. Like 3 or 4 years earlier. Roi-Tan
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    Christie McVie songs make me want to jump off a building...

    Yeah I bough into that one too. Caught the live version in Ontario CA. Still thought Foreigner was better. Quite possibly the best of the whole day.

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