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  1. tarddoggy

    broke out the Deluxe

    any feedback is welcome:D YouTube - blue for tootsie
  2. tarddoggy

    free cd club

    hey guys,I forget who Im 'sposed to send cd's to.HELP:hippie:
  3. tarddoggy

    Will Boggs look!!!!

    2008 Gibson Les Paul Custom CUSTOM SHOP OXBLOOD WOW! - eBay (item 290258661633 end time Sep-12-08 19:09:22 PDT)
  4. tarddoggy

    back to square one

    Hey there ya'll,just a quick message.I gotta go back to the VA Hospital.The meds they been given me has got a bad rap,and when I was taken off of it,June was bad,July,worse.etc..So,I wont be around for awhile.I should be back in Oct.,if Im cooperative:laugh2: TD...
  5. tarddoggy

    David Gilmour

    Harmony Central®: Fender® Custom Shop Announces David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster® Guitar 'bout time....
  6. tarddoggy

    popcan pedal

    hey guys,look at this WHE401 - Way Huge Electronics Swollen Pickle MKII Super Jumbo Fuzz I thought I would never be able to find another Way Huge pedal!!! I was stupid when I sold mine,but,they're back!!!!:dude: whoops,I originaly meant to post about a popcan pedal,but,got too excited about...
  7. tarddoggy

    combo conversion

    Hey there ya'll,Im lookin' for info on making a combo into a head.This Traynor of mine is alot of fun,but,the speaker is beating the shit outta the tubes.any info,websites,experience??:fingersx:
  8. tarddoggy


    Oh man,my box from Greg just got here!!!! report to follow later(prolly tommorow 'cause Im playin tonight):slash: Thank you Will and Greg!! TD:D
  9. tarddoggy

    Billy G. and Retro-King

    There must be sometin' speacial with these amps!!!! Retro-King Amps - Retro-King & ZZ Top
  10. tarddoggy

    A/b Boxes

    Hey ya'll,what do you guys use for your A/B Boxes? I now have this fascination with running 2 different amps at once:naughty:
  11. tarddoggy

    question about speaker ohms!?!?!?!?

    hey there my fellow tone gurus,I have a situation here with a student:his parents bought him a Blackheart head for his Bday,his 4x12 is a Traynor.The dilema is this.....I dont have too much experience with all this new equip,as ya'll know Im a plug and play guy,but,this head has 2-4ohm...
  12. tarddoggy

    Have you ever gone on a music JAG

    Man,I go through periods of craving different bands music,right now Im on a SERIOUS AEROSMITH JAG.Was just wondering if any of ya'll go through this too!?!?!?!?!?
  13. tarddoggy

    Habeneros(slow blues in A)

  14. tarddoggy

    truss rod???

    hey there guys,gotta question:a friend of mine brought his Cort headless bass over to me to do some overhaulin' on the electronics,he also asked me to try and fix the neck(serious backbow).I just popped the cap off and it looks like the damn nut on the rod is cranked clear into the wood.I've...
  15. tarddoggy

    6707s baby!!

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. finally got a video!!!!
  16. tarddoggy

    Another Studio

    I scored a '92 with the Ebony,some dings,but,I like'em like that:naughty:
  17. tarddoggy

    soldering irons

    Hey there gurus,whats the best S.iron to use for the pups installation...types of solder? whaddya'all use????
  18. tarddoggy

    ES 125 3/4 scale!?!?

    Hey guys,a buddy of mine just came in with a 3/4 scale es 125!!!! First time I ever saw one at 3/4s.I forgot the camera at the practice shack,but,tommorow Im gonna post some pictures!! ya'll gotta see this!!!:shock:
  19. tarddoggy

    I gotta change my caps

    I was wrong HG,those little buggers are orange:eek2:,anyhow those ceramic buggers are in both my LPs,BUT,WHAT THE HAY ARE THOSE DOMINOS IN MY '94 Studio!?!?!?
  20. tarddoggy

    '02 IRW McCarty

    all right ya'll...gotta sell this one.If anybody on here is interested,Ill get some closer shots. send me a pm IF you are interested.

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