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  1. waboe

    Keeping it classy in Atlanta

    I'm not even American (I am Human though) But I would kick the living ****e out of the pair of those Multiple expletives
  2. waboe

    Touring UK/Europe in December!

    I'll come to the Manchester gig!
  3. waboe

    Bad Company Les Paul Special

    Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac :naughty:
  4. waboe

    Bad Company Les Paul Special

    I contacted Gibson with the serial number and description..... The serial number refers to a guitar used as Sales Promotion Merchandise in 1999. Unfortunately, we don’t have available records about this type of instruments. Regards,
  5. waboe

    Thrill of a Lifetime 0 1247 On Stage With Greg Martin

    Stories like this are why I love this forum!
  6. waboe

    Bad Company Les Paul Special

    I didn't get a case with it
  7. waboe

    Bad Company Les Paul Special

    Its under the finish
  8. waboe

    Bad Company Les Paul Special

  9. waboe

    Bad Company Les Paul Special

    Ive just acquired this Les Paul I think it's a Jr special (because of the Mini Trapezoid inlays) it was made in 1999 has anyone come across this model before?
  10. waboe

    Let's see your MIJ Fenders!

  11. waboe

    Another sickening DTV commercial...

    I think someones got their six string in hock
  12. waboe

    MLP chefs; lay on me your home made stew recepies

    2 bottles of Hobgoblin (or comparable ruby ale) ****loads of the best quality beef you can afford mix of red/white onions (I use 3 large onions but it depends how much I'm making) Root vegetables according to season/taste. Season your beef salt/pepper whatever you know the score, leave it...
  13. waboe


    Delumiazis Spiricys Ayy lmao's ARE REALLLLLL! Ive been abducted by all of em!
  14. waboe

    and then sometimes I sorta love Maryland. (Subway fight)

    The only time it's acceptable to put your hands on someone is to protect yourself or another person who is in danger, That Huge mofo was in no danger at any time if someone that size came at me I'd have stabbed the cvnt!
  15. waboe

    How good were the Yamaha SG's?

    I’ve had 2 a 2005 SG1000 which was really well made guitar but a little uninspiring clinical almost. and a 1985 SG500t which is a tone monster from hell every time you play it your balls tighten good,(Im sure someone went down to the crossroads beat the shlt out of Satan and stole his guitar)
  16. waboe

    Do you play mainly "other" guitars?

    At the moment my collection consists entirely of others
  17. waboe

    YOU! Yeah, you, show your face.....

    I think that would be classed as NSFW!
  18. waboe

    Creepiest/Scariest/Strangest Thing That You've Experienced?

    I smelled fart one night and I was alone and hadn’t farted!
  19. waboe

    YOU! Yeah, you, show your face.....

    Here you go one of the only pictures that exist with me smiling:D

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