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  1. Riffster

    Special-II wiring mod: "Albert King tone" & coil-cut / parallel coils

    Wow, thanks for the very cool detailed post. I bought a cheap B.C. Rich Bich recently. it has a simple volume/tone/toggle and I intend to add 3 toggle switches and a set of GFS pickups that I already had. I am also adding a killswitch.
  2. Riffster

    Ibanez Artcore AM53

    Great guitar for the money, got it new for $250 after using a coupon. After playing it i liked it a lot, great slim neck, perfect action and body size. This thing plays and sounds phenomenal. I really like it. Before: After: - GIbson Classic 57 that I already had. - CTS pots - Switchcraft...
  3. Riffster

    New favorite LPC

    I have never been a Custom guy but that Vivian Campbell is the business. Congrats.
  4. Riffster

    Ibanez AS73 + Amazing Wife

    Congrats, I have the AM53. Smaller body with more of an LP cutaways and satin finish. Great guitar with the best fretwork of any import I've had.
  5. Riffster

    My 2013 SGJ...with a few mods

    Thanks guys, I am happy with the result. I like the understated yet unique look of the guitar. I may replace the cap for a PIO but frankly the pickups sound fine the way the are, I actually have a few sets of good humbuckers laying around and I did not feel the need to replace the stock. I had...
  6. Riffster

    My 2013 SGJ...with a few mods

    I bought this guitar a couple of months ago and I am really happy with it, to the point that I sold my SG Standard 24. I wanted to change a few things, mainly cosmetic. (I even consider refinishing it ) Stock guitar: Headstock logo overlay and star inlay. The logo was a freaking pain and...
  7. Riffster

    PSA: SDOTD SG special w/ p90s

    It's a satin finish rather than the rubbed finish on an SGJ.
  8. Riffster

    Vivian Campbell Les Paul Custom

    I've never been a Custom guy mainly because of the huge inlays but this thing is sexy and sounds great too. I love all the details.
  9. Riffster

    Does an explorer headstock fix tuning issues of Gibsons?

    And now for some over-analysis. On 3x3 headstocks the D and G string break more but they are also further away creating less "torque" on the nut. Also, strings are round so just about the same amount of string is making contact with the nut. Maybe I am wrong but just a couple of thoughts.
  10. Riffster

    Does an explorer headstock fix tuning issues of Gibsons?

    The 3x3 tuning issue is a very popular trend on youtube, turns out after all these years some guys claim to have discovered that the Gibson style headstock is no good for tuning. There are tons of videos looking for clicks on youtube and anything that trends will get a ton of videos, after all...
  11. Riffster

    Need Some Advice With 87 Gibson SG with Tremolo

    His avatar is a famous guitar, the original B_bender owned by Clarence White now owned Marty Stuart .
  12. Riffster

    Ibanez AF55 Artcore

    My borther has one of those AF55 in the same color and I have played it a bit, I liked the guitar for the price although I am not big on big on hollow boxes and floating bridges so when MF sent me a coupon I jumped on the AM53 model, smaller body, fixed bridge, center block, and to my surprise a...
  13. Riffster

    Gibson officially announces the Modern Flying V

    I like it but the small block inlays seem out of place and speed knobs look huge. The price is crazy. As far as a modern day Flying V I always wanted Gibson to do what they did to the body and neck of the Epiphone Jeff Waters V.
  14. Riffster

    Gibson SGJ Basic Inexpensive SG 24 Fret 490R & 490T Pups

    Yea, I would have loved the white one but they do not come up often then they do go for more. I was actually going to refinish this SG I bought, I have paint and everything but decided to leave the color as-is...for now.
  15. Riffster

    Gibson SGJ Basic Inexpensive SG 24 Fret 490R & 490T Pups

    I do not like the black covers on this guitar, the EMG style simply does not match. The black tuners look great on other guitars that have a solid color finish but not on this one and because the black nut matches the headstock it does not bother me. Once I fully pimp up this SG I'll post it in...
  16. Riffster

    Gibson SGJ Basic Inexpensive SG 24 Fret 490R & 490T Pups

    I just picked one, the 2013 model and I like it a whole lot, now my other two Gibson SGs are gone. These SGJs are really well made for the reviews i see and I agree. This is my first experience with 490T and 490R pickups and they are staying, I may experiment with an alnico 4 magnet that I...
  17. Riffster

    Question about the PCB in my SG Faded

    If you touch the metal parts and there is no buzz then you do not have a grounding issue.
  18. Riffster

    The SG

    It's a Maestro SG that he is smashing.
  19. Riffster

    New Gibson CS Flying V Modern at CES

    Also, lets be honest. There is no longer a possibility to design a guitar body that will not resemble something that has already been created and if a new shape was ever developed most people would puke all over it.
  20. Riffster

    New Gibson CS Flying V Modern at CES

    I like the shape but the body looks too little, I'd like it better if it was wider. I actually had never seen a copy or design based on a V that I liked, this one is the closest. I have a Gibson Flying V and that's all I need, it is a fantastic guitar.

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