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  1. Justin_Case

    Replacement Nashville Bridge for Les Paul

    Check out Faber
  2. Justin_Case

    Buying From Fellow Members....

    Run Forest, Run!
  3. Justin_Case

    WTB: 496/500 set with quick connects

    May be easier and cheaper to get a set if Quick Connect Adapters Adapters
  4. Justin_Case

    NGD - WTF is this Color??? 2019 Standard for a song...

    Just a WAG - but it appears to be the results of Sun exposure fading where the upper half got a lot more exposure than the bottom as the Sun moved during the day.
  5. Justin_Case

    Trading for a brand new Murphy Lab or a regular Customshop

    Lose a Murphy Lab COA and you have an Historic with excessive wear and tear....
  6. Justin_Case

    Faber lightning bolt won't intonate

    The saddles are not fixed. You set them like a Tune-o-Matic
  7. Justin_Case

    Faber lightning bolt won't intonate

    How much relief do you have in the neck? You may want to try to minimize the relief and then set the height of the tailpiece. I had a bud with a JR that was way off in the posts, he ended up with the Faber Wraptonate and it worked flawlessly.
  8. Justin_Case

    Looking for a recent ABR-1 bridge that fits Nashville style thumbwheels.

    Understood. Faber's running a 4th of July sale - 20% odd - Chances are it will cost less than finding a used Gibson.
  9. Justin_Case

    Minte confirms no more Audi's after 2026

    Very few people extrapolate backwards the real cost both financially and environmental what the EVs tolls are. From the strip mining of Lithium in China using Child Labor, the vast majority of the Power Grid in the US being fossil fuel powered, the woefully inadequate status of the grid (...
  10. Justin_Case

    Looking for a recent ABR-1 bridge that fits Nashville style thumbwheels.

    Has to be a Gibson? Faber has these available:
  11. Justin_Case

    Faber Locking ABR-1... Any Reason Not To?

    The Spacers go on the Stud and below the bottom of the Tailpiece If you find your strings are hitting the back of the bridge, they allow you raise the bridge but still have a direct contact with the bushing in the body. 3 sizes come with them.
  12. Justin_Case

    Faber Locking ABR-1... Any Reason Not To?

    They sent out an email, the sale started.
  13. Justin_Case

    Gibson demo shop prices

    Who better than Gibson to be getting the High side of the market prices on used / demo gear? Who else is warranting used Gibsons? Their condition evaluations are very good, above and beyond the vast majority of most sellers by a long shot.
  14. Justin_Case

    Gibson demo shop prices

    The Les Paul Peace models were a $2800 Sticker price in 2014 - another G-Force sales failure for Gibson. $500 more than a Traditional. They are Standards with the unusual colors and the Peace hardware and the hemp case.
  15. Justin_Case

    Gibson demo shop prices

    The shop has over 1100 feedback ratings, so the actual sales count has to be somewhat higher because not everyone does leave feed back. They seem to be doing OK The pricing is in line with Guitar Center and other retailer's Used prices. The difference is the descriptions are accurate and the...
  16. Justin_Case

    Switch cover medallion

    2014 - they read 1984 - 2014 2013's had a Gold Gibson logo attached to a regular toggle back plate.
  17. Justin_Case

    3 months sober and it feels great!

    Congratulations on the 3 months.... and today.
  18. Justin_Case

    PSA: Willcutt's Sell One Month Old Used Murphy Lab Defect as New

    It's wrong to pass the FVCK to the next guy.
  19. Justin_Case

    G force charger

    For the record, Gibson did go bankrupt. Henry was offered $$$ to go away quietly = Here's some money and we will tell everyone you are on a consultants contract. - A good read The G-Force system killed Gibson cash cow / flow and accelerated the onset of the the bankruptcy due to downgrades...
  20. Justin_Case

    WTB: Blue Gibson Les Paul Denim / Aqua / Ocean with a slim neck

    Can you give me specs on that ocean water? Year board and neck profile Link to the Reverb ad:

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