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  1. JimmyAce2006

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Sorry if something similar to this has been posted already.... I heard that a lot of the Murphy Lab finishes are doing what this one is doing. The finish is falling off! Take a look. The guitar is discounted bc the finish has fallen off along the checking line. So I heard they may have...
  2. JimmyAce2006

    Nothing to see here...

  3. JimmyAce2006

    Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page #1 Murphy aged #66

    A friend is selling this guitar. He's open to offers. If you are interested, contact me and I will connect you. I used to own this guitar. It is an amazing piece. Price is $25,000.
  4. JimmyAce2006

    WTB Grover star tuners with pearloid tips / buttons

    If you have a set of these that you would like to sell, please message me. Thanks!
  5. JimmyAce2006

    Ace Frehley Blue Burst Silver Sparkle LP Custom

    So my project is done. It is nicknamed the "PS3". There is a whole story behind that. So, yes there is a PS and a PS2...
  6. JimmyAce2006

    WTB 1997 Ace Frehley Custom Shop Les Paul

    I am looking for one of the 300 infamous 1997 Frehley Custom Shop Les Pauls. I already know of the ones available online. I am asking forum members who may have one, and thought about selling, but have not listed for sale. Send me a private message! Thanks.
  7. JimmyAce2006

    Anyone looking to sell their Jimmy Page #1?

    Looking for one with a big top; I know that is rare for this run......... PM me if interested. Thanks!
  8. JimmyAce2006

    WTB - Ace Frehley mid to late 1990s Gibson USA production model Les Paul

    WTB - Ace Frehley mid to late 1990s Gibson USA production model Les Paul. Message me if you have one for sale.
  9. JimmyAce2006

    WTB Late 1990s Ace Frehley Les Paul Custom production model

    WTB Late 1990s Ace Frehley Les Paul Custom production model. Message me if you have one you want to sell. Thanks!
  10. JimmyAce2006

    Vintage 1960 Gibson reflector knobs

    For Sale: Early example of vintage 1960 reflector knobs. I got this set from the late Randy Peterson. He told me that these came from a Les Paul, silver metal inserts. They are in excellent condition. As you can see, they have the short shaft, indicating that they are the earliest ones. One of...
  11. JimmyAce2006

    Dr Vintage CTS pots and caps

    These pots and caps have been in a 1994 Gibson Les Paul '59 reissue for about 12+ years. If I am reading the date codes correctly, they were made in the 36th week of 2007. I was told that they are blueprinted. And the roll off is much better than factory parts. The caps have some codes on them...
  12. JimmyAce2006

    FIRE Bombs!

  13. JimmyAce2006

    Price reduced! Gibson Historic Customer Care Manuals Owners Manuals

    I have two of these. One has the older Gibson Custom, Art, and Historic logo (2006 and prior). The other has the newer star logo (2006+). Price reduced! They are $60 for the pair, includes shipping and paypal fees. I will ship to the 48 contiguous US states.
  14. JimmyAce2006

    SOLD! Please delete!

  15. JimmyAce2006

    Price reduced! Gibson Historic Case Candy

    I have two of these. The packages are complete. Each package includes the guitar cable, Gibson cleaning cloth with picks, and several papers and hang tags. These packs were standard case candy that came with guitars made between about 2002-2008. They are $60 each, includes shipping and...
  16. JimmyAce2006

    Please delete

  17. JimmyAce2006

    Please delete

  18. JimmyAce2006

    WTB Blue burst silver sparkle Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Anyone got one of these? PM me.
  19. JimmyAce2006

    Post Your Artist Signature Les Paul

    I will start with my 2015 Ace Frehley 1959 True Historic Reissue (signed / aged).

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