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  1. Olds442

    Firing up the electric smoker today. Corned beef brisket.

    Breaking out this recipe again, it was a big success last time. of course i changed up the rub a bit, used a mustard base and put the spices all over that. also, thanks to my thermoworks probe i now know that the heat reading on my...
  2. Olds442

    The NFL has gone full soy. Taunting? Gotta protect the tough guy's feels.

    are you fuggin kidding me? "taunting?" oh, dude can get a concussion on any play, but for god's sake, protect THEIR FEELINGS! this world. come on asteroid.
  3. Olds442

    Lemme tell ya, the Mach E GT guys are PISSED!

    so i've been a pokin around in the mach e forums. nice guys, really. way more polite than us. :D they've begun getting the GT's and the Performance Edition GT's delivered and tracking them. they are barely hitting the 0-60 claims Ford has stated, and the regular "GT" is essentially as fast...
  4. Olds442

    GM likely to recall the Chevy Bolt, and face some class action, action. Migliaccio & Rathod LLP Files Class Action Lawsuit Against General Motors for Chevy Bolt Battery Defect and is...
  5. Olds442

    So i ordered up a Mustang Mach-E.

    Only 28 weeks to wait. (or so.)
  6. Olds442

    COPS to return to the TV airwaves. i'm looking forward to it myself. i always liked that show in a "glad that's not my door" kinda way. i always thought the show actually deterred some crime. who else enjoyed the show?
  7. Olds442

    Skyhub, and what is in your sky? UAP/UFO sky search technology, costs less than you may think. i heard about these systems recently. you set up a unit it monitors the sky looking for anomalies. uses some great tech that's now more affordable than it's ever been. i'm not getting one, i just thought it's pretty cool and if enough were set up all feeding the...
  8. Olds442

    Vintage Binks Model 19 Spray gun.

    I thought maybe one of you refinish types would want this. I've not used it, I got it some years ago (+10) and it was mucho mojo at that point. $50 obo, plus minimal shipping.
  9. Olds442

    Loaded Strat body - $175 plus ship'n?

    This is a refinished (by yours truly) Aria Pro strat body. She's got some dings, but no fake stuff. The neck is not included in this sale, just the pup loaded body, and all the electronics etc. Bolt (screw) your favorite neck on and rock out. SOLD Mint green loaded 3 ply pick guard. SD...
  10. Olds442

    Firefly Alpha rocket explodes during first orbital flight attempt

    pretty good first try.
  11. Olds442

    852D+ Soldering and rework station, new in box never used.

    I've had this around 5 years, never used or even set up. I'm sure one of you tech guys would actually use this. Any reasonable offer, it was $75 originally, so asking for $50 obo. Thanks.
  12. Olds442

    Now the squirrel has a reason to bark.

    Noelle killed her baby, I feel so bad for the mom. i didn't see it happen, but i did see the mom trying to bring the baby back into the tree. my heart was wrenched. I can't let the lady of house know, it would ruin her week. Life/nature is wild, even when it's just backyard nature.
  13. Olds442

    DSG 013 is OFD.

    She's almost here, tracking says out for delivery since 6AM. I'm skeptical. It's quiet, very quiet, too quiet. The wait has been long. (mostly my own doing as she was on hold for some time, plus it takes time to hand make a guitar) The internet says today is the day, hmmm riiiight.
  14. Olds442

    Ida looks like Katrina 2.0.

    buckle up cajuns. better yet, get the falk out of dodge.
  15. Olds442

    Blue Origin to use Stainless Steel? Hey that's a new idea!

    It looks familiar but I just can't put my finger on it... that's it now i remember.
  16. Olds442

    I could watch these dumb dumbs all day.

  17. Olds442

    DSG 013 has had her photo shoot.

    If the red looks familiar, that's because it's the same red as @Roberteaux 's guitar. so while the cert says "Ruby Red", i'll only know it as Roberteaux Red. Sister neck to @Crotch aka "Skippy's" caster, also the same binding. Fralin noiseless tele "blues" pick ups, and a fishman VT piezo...
  18. Olds442

    Has anyone ever told you, that you should do a podcast?

    It's not a generally common thing is it? Someone telling you that you should do a podcast? I have three friends (maybe more lol), all of whom don't know each other, who've recently told me I should do a podcast. They all came unsolicited. I've never said, "i'm thinking of doing a podcast" in...

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