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  1. brokentoeswalker

    Neal Shon Guitar Auction

    Lots of tasty offerings, who wants what ??
  2. brokentoeswalker

    Different sort of MIJ NGD

    Always wanted one of these but never got around to it. I got around to it finally. 1981 Yamaha SG1000
  3. brokentoeswalker

    Who remembers these little joys of winter ??

    They usually lasted for about an hour. What an hour it was though. These and a crazy carpet were the shit. The commmercial is mesmerizing even today. I love how the kid is missing teeth !! Awesome.
  4. brokentoeswalker

    Used guitar parts and second hand junk.

    I love trash.
  5. brokentoeswalker

    Whole Foods in Canada being disgraceful twats.
  6. brokentoeswalker

    Got a new Gibson

    Case... that held a long awaited WR delight Outside view
  7. brokentoeswalker

    Phoenix Custom Single Cut/ Manufacturer ????

    I've seen these pop up from time to time here in Canada. People always say that they were perhaps made by Tokai or some other MIJ manufacturer. Never have they ever posted internals to help possibly point to a possible maker..... What say the forum MIJ guru's ?? Anything to be told from the...
  8. brokentoeswalker

    Mystery Tokai.. WTF is this ??

    This has me puzzled. Could anyone tell me what this might be ?? Some of it looks MIJ Tokai, but there's a whole lot of ???? as well.
  9. brokentoeswalker

    1917 Gibson Stinger.

    Thought i'd share this local classified ad for the brethren here, and the ladies, Pickguard on/off ?? From the sellers ad.
  10. brokentoeswalker

    Grandma came to visit.

    Late '70's Yamaha Superfighter 1000 Birdsye Blonde & Late teens Yamaha Revstar 720B Ash Grey. This to me is wonderful guitar evolution.
  11. brokentoeswalker

    Mystery Tokai/Gibson/Who knows ??

    Here's an interesting case of who knows what ?? Seller says it's a Tokai LS-2400 ??. Guitar has an unmentioned neck crack/repair....but also has nibs, replaced pups, bridge and tailpiece. It looks as if the back is 3 pieces. Headstock has been Gibsonized according to seller. Many more oddities...
  12. brokentoeswalker

    BMX - Any fans ??

    1965. I guess this lady is the Godmother of BMX trick riding.
  13. brokentoeswalker

    Who here got a Flamethrower ???

    Probably not ideal for home defense, but it's kinda nice to add immolation to the arsenal.
  14. brokentoeswalker

    1981 Tokai LS-120. Veneer or Solid Top ??

    Best pictures i have
  15. brokentoeswalker

    NGD 1981 Tokai LS-120

    Had this pop up locally, and believe me that's pretty rare in itself. I couldn't resist. My first early year Tokai. Here it is pictured with my 2005 LS-150 (top) as a bit of contrast.
  16. brokentoeswalker

    Fusion foods

    The thread about Hawaiian Pizza got me thinking about how much i like non-traditional foods. Sure i love traditional foods as well but the mixing of different cultures and ideas to keep food interesting keeps me game for more. Some are winners and some not so much. I figured since this is a...
  17. brokentoeswalker

    Finally got a plaintop !! 1997 Ibanez AR-700

    I've always wanted a nice plaintop LP but for whatever reason always seem to end up with flametops. Finally i have a new gear day with a nice tobacco plaintop. Innteresting Artist as it isn't as thick as the old ones from the eighties. At 7.63 Lbs it has more of a junior feel to it. Anyway i'm...
  18. brokentoeswalker

    25 Year old Fujigen Find !!

    Picked this up a few days ago. Very interesting guitar. Thought you guys would appreciate. Heartfield by Fender RR58
  19. brokentoeswalker

    Mississippi Mustang (Peavey T-15)

    With the Canadian dollar in the dumpster my GAS for expensive guitars has been cured. However i picked up this old '83 Peavey T-15 with original case for a song. It's actually a really fun guitar to play(shortscale) and the Super Ferrite pickups produce some heavenly tones. I'm right impressed...

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