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  1. 1969 weatherman

    1956 gold top and a 1958 standard on display

    in case someone missed this. very nice playing ,tone , history and a unique concept for a show.
  2. 1969 weatherman

    early gibson t tops vs late

    hi I have a pair of 76 base stamped Gibson t tops that I really like. I wonder if there is a difference structure wise and materials between them and the early stickered ones? say 68/9 through 73/4? thanks
  3. 1969 weatherman

    whats the lightest norlin you ever played?

    on contrast to "what the heaviest gibson you ever played..." thread a while ago I was wondering the opposite but concentrate on norlin era pauls. I got my 76 natural standard a while back (see my avatar) which I adore and it weights 4.4 69 is also 4.4 kg. nice weight for a norlin but I...
  4. 1969 weatherman

    a gibson deluxe serial verification

    guys I need help verifying a guitar with a serial number 120102 (1967 on the guitar decoder which is wrong) with a made in usa at the original electronics (pots) how do we know what is it? it could be from 1971 to 1975? is there any way to zoom in on the date? les paul logo...
  5. 1969 weatherman

    a guitar with "issues" how big the repair?

    i am planning on buying an old gibson with this statement- "The guitar plays well with low action and no string buzz despite having a minimally adjustable truss rod". what does that mean? am i going to have a problem in the future adjusting the guitar? should i not touch that guitar at all...
  6. 1969 weatherman

    mini humbuckers and ohm resistance

    I was wondering what are the readings for old mini humbuckers on les pauls . it will be nice to have a record of those readings and how/if they changed through the years...we might have some interesting findings. so state the guitars year and then the reading. as I mentioned in another post...
  7. 1969 weatherman

    1980 goldtop standard info needed

    hi all...i am s sucker for goldtops and i have chance to buy a 1980 goldtop standard...putting in the serial number reviels that it was made july 1980. Production Number 123 . so i was wondering was the the goldtop that year a special order? pruduction number 123 seems low quantity numbers...was...

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