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  1. jktxs

    PSA: Willcutt's Sell One Month Old Used Murphy Lab Defect as New

    Might be hard to see from that angle, here's a different pic of the same guitar. Chunks of finish have already fallen off the headstock diamond. AFAIK this is definitely not intentional, especially not on ultra light aged ones.
  2. jktxs

    PSA: Willcutt's Sell One Month Old Used Murphy Lab Defect as New

    I found these pics on digimart, and these are from the mega retailers like Kurosawa. Ultra light aged & brand new. So yes, Japan definitely got defective ones, and from the earliest batch too. It's certainly not the majority so these stick out like a sore thumb. I don't think the issue has blown...
  3. jktxs

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Yup. Same thing with Fender custom shop and their stenciled relic patterns. These bigger companies have too high of a production volume to do anything too time consuming. I think I saw someone suggesting industrial freezers. At Gibson's scale, probably very un-economical and a huge waste of...
  4. jktxs

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Looks like the non cherry models flake too. ML ultra light aged B7 flaking on headstock diamond Dealer pic, brand new. They sure perfected the art of accelerated aging, literally. Ultra light (durability)
  5. jktxs

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Hope everything works out for OP I saw this issue during the ML launch week from the first Japanese batch. Yes some of them flake before they even leave the store. ML ultra light aged R8
  6. jktxs

    NGD Black Beauty 57 2 Pickup VOS (2021)

    Beautiful! HNGD!
  7. jktxs

    Schecter Custom Solo II thoughts?

    Maple cap w/ veneer. AFAIK it's always been that way for the Diamond series stuff. You probably won't get a figured maple top unless you go USA custom shop. Some of the pricier Japanese models have real figured tops too. Here's my '06 Exotic, you can clearly see the maple cap on the 'hog body...
  8. jktxs

    Norlin Prices Climbing, How Far Will It Go?

    Tbh at this point you're getting more guitar & better craftsmanship for your buck with the '70s historic reissues. Sure they seem like afterthoughts compared to the '50s reissues and many features are flat out inaccurate (long tenon and hide glue joint - really?) but hey, some of these incorrect...
  9. jktxs

    I need advice. Buying my first Black Beauty.

    Got a 2004 '57 RI (profile pic), mine sounds a bit more immediate and with less overtones compared my R8. 2019 and newer models have unpotted custombuckers, which you might not like if you play higher gain stuff too.
  10. jktxs

    How Long Has Gibson Chambered Les Paul Customs and Why?

    Do non historic guitars also use this format? I thought CR stood for Chambered Reissue.
  11. jktxs

    What was the reason Gibson had R9 as the first two digits in some LPs?

    Yup, 2016 serial number format for 2014 spec historics. And then there were the Historic Selects with the HS serials (HS8, HS9, ...), which were basically True Historics (complete with double carve, wet sanding, rolled fingerboard binding and all) with non standard colours. Well, anything other...
  12. jktxs

    Should Gibson bring Les Paul Custom back to Gibson USA line?

    I'm all for it. Don't see the incentive for Gibson to do it though. I don't in the slightest think the non historic LPC is built in the custom shop because of quality, it's probably because they can get away with the inflated pricing. Remember, this decision was made during the HJ era.
  13. jktxs

    C'mon Man!

    I find most PAF repros to sound like they're overcompensating for people with hearing loss (especially the treble) or for low volume use. I kinda suspected CBs were designed for home use too, this confirms it. It's well documented that factory specs for PAFs were, quite frankly, boring...
  14. jktxs

    Real “weather” checking

    +1 What's funny is that in the used market, factory aged guitars too are valued in proportion to how well preserved they are, because appraisers continue getting better at identifying post factory wear.
  15. jktxs

    Murphy Lab

    It was only a matter of time before Gibson pulled another True Historic, but I'm surprised it came this early. The heavy aged ones are what, $10K? The chance Tom Murphy actually worked on them are close to zero, lmao
  16. jktxs

    Buying a more modern faster playing Gibson?

    If budget isn't a concern the Axcess custom is another option. It's a very shred oriented LP custom. Thinner body, belly cut, slim neck profile and contoured neck heel.
  17. jktxs

    Are 2021 R8s plaintops again?

    A lot of the Murphy Lab R9 / R0s have somewhat tame tops too. Maybe custom shop doesn't have enough curly maple at the moment. You know, supply chain disruption from COVID and all that.
  18. jktxs

    Nibs or No Nibs, which do you prefer?

    Not sure if nibs were done only for cost saving (tradition probably plays a big part nowadays), but Gibson have in fact mentioned multiple times that fret over binding is the more costly procedure.
  19. jktxs

    Debating "imperfections"

    Dunno man, you sound pretty mental yourself. For someone who hates and distrusts Gibson so much you sure seem obsessed with them. One minute you're on a tirade, another you're willing to overlook blemishes because muh freedom. lol wut
  20. jktxs

    Gibson USA Slash Anaconda 2018. Affordable R9 in disguise?

    Even regular MIC Epis have the long tenon as well now, imo it's an almost joke feature used to distinguish others Gibsons from historics (mainly). The regular, non historic Gibson Les Paul Custom used to have the short tenon, since ebony fretboards were reintroduced in 2019 it got upgraded with...

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