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  1. jay1williams

    NGD: Explorer Under the bed find or a storage unit

    Strings rusted to the nut, neck straight, cut the old strings off, polished the frets and oiled the board ~ this thing is a beast ~ Alnico II''s or 36th anniversary is where I'm leaning on pup replacements. There's a whole VIBE to this guitar and I am digging it.
  2. jay1williams

    Amp storage

    Guys, I need to "de-cluter" my office (my working area for some time to come it seems). Have several amps tube solid state hybrid that i am reluctant relocating to - the attic OR a loft in the garage - NC weather Should I vacuum seal them? Shrink wrap? Throw a dehumidifier packet in there...
  3. jay1williams

    Finally buttoned up the Bedrock

    The Growl on this thing floors me Just balls
  4. jay1williams

    Bedrock plate voltage insane

    400 for a 25 watt amp - this thing breathes fire :thumb:
  5. jay1williams

    NOAD!!!! Bedrock 600 2x12

    This beast from the 90's just showed up and man, it is a fire breather. The gain on this thing is CRAZY... And the cleans on it really surprised me...
  6. jay1williams

    FS: Celestion, Sour Mash, Hellatones

    Top Sour Mash 1x12 convertible cab, with 16 ohm Celestion 70th Anniversary $250 shipped CONUS PPG 2 x 12 16 ohm Avatar Hellatones $60 each shipped CONUS PPG Famous Jensen C12N maybe 1 hour total on it $50 shipped CONUS PPG Thanks, guys!!
  7. jay1williams

    Analog "modeling" Palmer's, Suhr, Two Notes etc.?

    Are any of y'all exclusively using a load box with studio monitors as your everyday jam? I said to my son the other day I couldn't remember the last time i heard a real speaker in person. So I fired up my M-75 + H-75 Scumback 2x12 and damn it if the Palmer and the two notes don't sounds quite...
  8. jay1williams

    More scammers than usual lately? or have i been lucky?

    I have bought and sold tons of items off of the internet since it began, but recently 2 eBay and 1 reverb listings i was "approached" to sell offsite using something called grabr - I said no way have a nice day... Be safe guys...
  9. jay1williams

    Fender Player series w Pau Ferro - Minty - Price DROP

    Unboxed restrung played a few days, then i went in a new direction. This thing is mint. It would've gone back but I missed the window / deadline. $500 shipped conus
  10. jay1williams

    NGD 90's Joe Perry Burny - WOW!!!!

    According to what I've ready this its a mid to low level model from the 90's, made in china finished in japan. I don't know who was overseeing the QC at the china factory but this 20 year old guitar plays better than any low level gibson or mid level epiphone i have ever played... Total cost...
  11. jay1williams

    OT: Recording rain and thunder

    I tried to record rain and thunder yesterday, but what recorded was only seconds followed by silence then second of rain then silence again. I tried it with scarlett 2x2 and 1x2 with audacity and reaper on osx - all exhibit this behavior. Any thoughts or suggestions? EV Mic > scarlett > MAC...
  12. jay1williams

    Peavey Bravo - New Tube-age

    Really loving the sound this thing has now...
  13. jay1williams

    NGD:Hurricane Rescue Studio

    I was Raleigh so I went by GC while they were putting up plastic sheeting over all the gear. This was in the corner, so i decided to take it home. I'll probable do a tone test with this while waiting for the rain to stop on Sunday. Be safe during the storm.
  14. jay1williams

    NULBD: I have been wasting my time with mic's

    This Pamler showed up today. Pretty much idiot proof, plug and play... here's a quick recording: This was recorded almost whisper quiet....
  15. jay1williams

    Testing a used load box??

    When buying a used load box, is there a way to test it before hooking it up to your amp? Thanks in advance!
  16. jay1williams

    NGD:Could be an AMAZING player

    I purchased this used in “good” condition with Gibson hard shell case via GC online for less than the price of what a husk body would cost I went into this thinking, if i don’t like it i have 45 days to return it - all good Out of the gate this is what we’ve got: The action was WAAY too low...
  17. jay1williams

    Tell me about the Greco LG-70 PLEASE

    Was perusing eBay and found this beauty 3 screw truss rod cover and MIJ ? What are these made out of basswood? How does it sound comparative to mahogany / maple cap?
  18. jay1williams

    Peavey Bravo reverb weirdness

    If I plug into an external cab the reverb works flawlessly If I use the combo speaker the reverb squeals and adds noise weirdness What the heck is causing this - I'm thinking interference, but not sure which type where
  19. jay1williams

    Increase in Japan guitars on eBay?

    Over the past few months I've noticed an increase in guitars from Japan being listed. Anyone have any insight as to why? Rinka and the like not working for them? Easier to scam?
  20. jay1williams

    What style would you classify this as?

    Guys, What style would you call this lick / run at 13:52 - That style / sound is what i think of when I think of Les Paul the guitar player What style would you study to learn it? Jazz? Thanks, Jay

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