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  1. Riffster

    Ibanez Artcore AM53

    Great guitar for the money, got it new for $250 after using a coupon. After playing it i liked it a lot, great slim neck, perfect action and body size. This thing plays and sounds phenomenal. I really like it. Before: After: - GIbson Classic 57 that I already had. - CTS pots - Switchcraft...
  2. Riffster

    My 2013 SGJ...with a few mods

    I bought this guitar a couple of months ago and I am really happy with it, to the point that I sold my SG Standard 24. I wanted to change a few things, mainly cosmetic. (I even consider refinishing it ) Stock guitar: Headstock logo overlay and star inlay. The logo was a freaking pain and...
  3. Riffster

    SG Futura - with a few changes

    Bought one of those body/neck projects at a decent price. The point was to use a bunch of parts I already had like pickups, knobs pots, etc. This guitar will have all nickel hardware. DiMarzio Super Distortion on the bridge and a mini humbucker from a Gibson 70's Tribute. Just when I...
  4. Riffster

    Help identifying a Gibson humbucker

    I scored this pickup for $20 locally, the guy was selling several pickups and he didn't know what exact model this is. I took a chance since the pickup did have a DC reading. Brought it home and D.C. reading is 8.35kohms Most likely a Classic 57 plus? Looks like the cover has never been...
  5. Riffster

    Pickup lead wire - What do you do?

    Question for everybody, when you install pickups do you cut the lead wire length to fit the guitar or do you leave the entire length and stuff it in the guitar. I understand cutting the lead wire to 3" would hurt the resale value of a pickup but some seem to be all too concerned about the...
  6. Riffster

    Gibson Tribute mini humbucker, cover removed

    In case anybody is curious and has not been posted around here. I am working on a project and swapped the chrome cover for a nickel cover on one of these pickups. First time taking a mini apart, when I cut the solder and opened the pickup I really did not think I was going to be able to do it...
  7. Riffster

    Process for thinning nitro finish?

    Has anybody sanded down the thickness of the nitro finish on a Gibson, then re-polished and buff? I am not talking about stripping a guitar but simply wet sanding to thin the finish. What would be the starting point for sanding paper grade?
  8. Riffster

    Easy fix? or major surgery?

    I have a Gibson Firebird Tribute that I love, bought it second hand at an exceptional price so I cannot claim warranty from Gibson. I noticed a buzz on the high E string and thought it was the nut or the first fret was high, I lighlty tapped the fret with a dead blow hammer and heard a "clap"...
  9. Riffster

    Looking for black Gibson mini humbucker ring

    Looking for an authentic Gibson mini humbucker ring in black, like the ones used in the recent run of 70's tribute guitars. There are a bunch of aftermarket options but they all seem to have slightly different dimensions and I don't want to take the risk. I contacted Gibson here in...
  10. Riffster

    Will naphtha remove polish?

    Hi all, I am in the process of refinishing a V with Reranch products, I thought I was done, I gave the guitar a polishing by hand using virtuoso but noticed some imperfections that require a little more clear. Will naphtha remove the polish so I can spray the guitar?
  11. Riffster

    Need advice to fix dents on edges/corners, buckle rash

    Hi all, I recently bought a Gibson Flying V for a very good price. It is a 2004 faded in the '67 styling. The guitar has been around the block a few times and has a lot of dings and buckle rash. I am refinishing this guitar in Fender Copper Metallic ('55 Corvette color). I already stripped...
  12. Riffster

    Flying V mods and refinish - need some input

    I recently picked up a 2004 worn cherry Gibson Flying V for a mere $400 including original gig bag. This thing has been around the block a few times but the neck is in good shape with little fret wear and to my surprise it does have an Ebony fingerboard. I have several other Gibsons and an...
  13. Riffster

    Messing with my Squier 51 one more time

    This is my beater, great guitar with replaced bridge, pickups, wiring change, etc. This time is a refinish done by a friend and a pickguard mod and refinish by me.
  14. Riffster

    What spray should I use for a neck overspray?

    Hi all, I had the neck on my Les Paul R8 shaved and refinished some time ago but the clear on the neck is a lot thinner than the rest of the finish on the rest of the guitar. What brand, nitro or lacquer can I use to overspray the neck? I was recommended Max 2k but I have heard about...
  15. Riffster

    Guitar inlay in Nashville

    Hi guys, does anyone know a good luthier that does only work in Nashville? To this day it bothers me that Gibson did not add a 24th fret inlay on the 50th anniversary SG. Looks unfinished to me. I would appreciate any recommendations.
  16. Riffster

    Metallica Metclub 2013 T-Shirt Large - actual measurements shown

    $20 shipped within the 48 USA States. Never worn, when I received it was sadly evident it is way too big for me. Armpit to armpit, shoulder to shoulder seam: Length from back of neck to bottom:
  17. Riffster

    Has anyone seen a cab like this?

    What did I just buy? Browsing at the store I spotted this cab, small-ish 1x12, closed back, seems either 60's or 70's, the badge "Crown" could be original or added since the screws do not look original and actually splintered the wood on the inside. 8ohm speaker, is this alnico? seems like...
  18. Riffster

    Inca Silver finish question

    I scored a can of Reranch Inca Silver for a low price locally and plan to use it on my beloved Squier 51 beater. My question is, the recommended primer color is white, while I have a can of white primer I'd like to know what would happen if I simply apply the Inca Silver over the current...
  19. Riffster

    Has anyone tried one of these bridges

    Fairly new product, straight replacement for Gibson USA. USA Gibson fit Nickel Tuneomatic Bridge- BRASS Saddles- OUR BEST!
  20. Riffster

    2006 Epiphone Casino with Bigsby (Korea)

    I have this one on eBay and Craigslist. Would sell for $550 outside eBay and using PayPal check or gift option. Including shipping to the 48 States. Check it out and if you have any questions let me know. Epiphone Casino with Bigsby with OHSC (Made in Korea, 2006) | eBay

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