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    Color Streak under Pickguard on 2020 R0

    I took the pickguard off of my 2020 Antiquity Burst R0, since I was considering going pickguard-off for a while to better show the figuring on the top, and I was surprised to find that the color under the pickguard does not match the rest of the finish. It is brighter and more red, like a...
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    PRS Vela Bridge Pickup Swap

    Back in March, I ordered a limited-run (1 of 5) PRS S2 Vela Semi-Hollow with an ebony fretboard and bird inlays: I have a 2015 solid-body Vela as well, and I love the guitar, but the Starla SE humbucker in the bridge never really worked for me. In that case, I swapped it out with a Bare...
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    NGD: A less-than-normal Les Paul

    I grabbed this 2018 LP Special Flame Top when CME posted it last week. Just happened to arrive at the exact same time as a Squier Paranormal Baritone Cabronita Telecaster I had pre-ordered! They make an unusual pair of uncommon guitars! Just got them unboxed, I'll be setting them up and...
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    2020 R0 Tight Flame

    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar 2020 R0 Tight Flame. Please add to the discussion here.
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    Not in love with my Standard Faded

    I bought my first Les Paul a couple months ago (a weird R8 with P90s) and instantly fell in love with it, and I immediately started seeking out another one. I decided to pick up a 2005 Standard Faded that had the full Larry Corsa conversion done to it (it was this one at Guitar Chimp: 2005...
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    [Updated] Used R8 with P90s from Guitar Center?

    First post here at MyLesPaul, so apologies for any etiquette breach. I stumbled across a used LP R8 on the guitar center website. They list it as a 2010 R8, but it clearly has soapbar P90 pickups, and the listing claims they are original 1956 pickups. I had been looking for a burst LP reissue...

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