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  1. RocketKing

    NGD after a long hiatus...

    There's definitely one for you out there. Just take your time and try as many as you can.
  2. RocketKing

    How does classic 57’s stand up against other PAF replicas?

    I have them in my 339. In my experience Gibson's stock electronics including pickups are, at best, ok. The 57s are geared towards the low mids and can sound big and heavy but with time, if you have the opportunity to compare with other higher grade pickups, you realize that what they say is...
  3. RocketKing

    NGD after a long hiatus...

    Happy ngd and I'm even more happy for your professional change! I know exactly what you mean, I'm in the same situation. I hope you'll be able to enjoy your guitar playing more and life in general :fingersx: :cheers2:
  4. RocketKing

    Got a Gretsch

    Very nice! Sounds like a killer deal to me. Have fun!
  5. RocketKing

    New Guitar Daze - NGD x 3

    Holy six string slinger Batman! Looks like the Collector has just made his appearance :D Jokes aside, that's a fantastic collection. I love the Goldtops and white SG in particular
  6. RocketKing

    59 Killer Top Lee Roy Parnell

    Wow, looks killer!
  7. RocketKing

    NGD... again

    I love that finish! Kudos to your mlp buddy for selling it back to you
  8. RocketKing

    Round Core or Hex Core Strings on your Les Paul?

    I've just switched to pure nickel round core after years of always playing hex core. The usual brands : Ernie ball, d'addario, Gibson, elixir in 10/46. Just put on DR pure blues 10/52 on my les paul and the initial impressions are good. I also put a set of pyramid classics 11 specials on my...
  9. RocketKing

    NGD - Les Paul 70's Deluxe GT

    That's a cool guitar, happy ngd and enjoy!
  10. RocketKing

    Wow - New Les Paul Custom Raw Gold - I WANT!

    Not for that money... But I think it's cool :thumb:
  11. RocketKing

    Unburst Les Paul Std color looks off to me

    If you like plaintops /like how it feels and plays... I'd pass or get a Classic. Same finish and same plaintop for cheaper
  12. RocketKing

    NGD !! 97 R8 Black Burst

    That really looks beautiful! And I don't particularly like black on guitars!
  13. RocketKing

    Faber Tailpiece

    I have the abrl bridge, tailpiece, inserts etc. Good quality. But in my case the high E slot on the saddle wasn't notched properly. The light weight tailpiece is definitely lighter than the Gibson stock one. It may not be necessarily an improvement though. Components need to matched to a...
  14. RocketKing

    Marty Schwartz - how is he getting this tone?

    I remember his les Paul's being stock. As other have said, I'm sure he'll tell you.
  15. RocketKing

    (New title)Tell me about ReWind Jimmy Page pickups?

    I see. Do you know the actual measurements of the pots? Because if I remember correctly James recommends certain pot values to get the full effect of this particular set
  16. RocketKing

    (New title)Tell me about ReWind Jimmy Page pickups?

    Did you also swap out the harness?
  17. RocketKing

    (New title)Tell me about ReWind Jimmy Page pickups?

    Not to pressure you but... We're anxiously waiting for your impressions :naughty:
  18. RocketKing

    Post your historic goldtops!

    You're killing me man... As always! Beautiful photos, you've got a gift in photographing Goldtops :cheers: Is this particular model chambered or solid body but light weight mahogany?
  19. RocketKing

    Post your historic goldtops!

    So what's the story behind these beautiful guitars? Are they reissues? Originals? Replicas? Any difference between the 54 and 56?(stopbar Vs abr)
  20. RocketKing

    Any Traditional Lovers Here?

    Here's my 2014 Traditional. My first Gibson guitar :)

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