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  1. Nugget

    1940's P90

    I have here a genuine 1940's P90 from an ES 150. This pickup is about as hand made and handwound as they come and would have been offered as an alternative to the Charlie Christian pickup. A very nice piece of Gibson history and it works, metering out at 7.33 K Ohms.
  2. Nugget

    Silver Fox

    Anyone got a Junior in a Silver Fox finish?
  3. Nugget

    What A Shame.....

    What a shame Jeff Flegler ( Weldaar) isn't here on this forum anymore. I miss his input and sorry to see him depart. He did a lot of good for some of the winders on this forum.
  4. Nugget

    Gibson under the microscope

    Just a little video on 1950's Gibson PAF and P90 parts under the microscope: YouTube - Inside Look at 1950's Gibson Pickups
  5. Nugget

    Gibson Tom Delonge Es335

    I've been thinking about getting one of these. It's not that I'm a fan of Tom Delonge although I do know who he is. It's because I like the single pickup thing. The Gibson pickup would have to come out straight away and I'd probably fit a stacked Volume/Tone pot and then maybe a refin. Has...
  6. Nugget

    Pedals driving me mental

    I'm starting to get really pissed off with people getting on stage and trampling all over my pedal board. So I'm going against what my tone soul says and am looking at something like a Boss GT8. Just looking for some views on this or similar units............
  7. Nugget

    '54 reissue Black Beauty

    Anyone tried these? TruthfullyI've never managed to get my hands on one but my gut feeling is I that I'm irresistably drawn to them and would be willing to straight swap my Polaris white 1965 SG special for one.
  8. Nugget

    Gibson V-FACTOR X

    Anybody tried one? They look fine to me from photos but I haven't been able to try one.
  9. Nugget

    gold top

    1955 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top guitar original box Gruhn - (eBay item 300178543965 end time Dec-09-07 06:44:57 PST)
  10. Nugget

    Lightweight aluminium tailpiece

    What do you guys think a lightweight aluminium tailpiece does to the tone of a Les Paul. I have a 1995 Standard which came with it's original tailpiece. I thought it was fine but couldn't resist the lure of a nickel plated aluminium replacement. It's taken me probably 3 weeks to adapt to my...
  11. Nugget

    Gibson Money Bass

    Anyone here tried a Gibson Les Paul Money Bass? I quite fancy one but I've never seen one in the flesh.
  12. Nugget

    Gibson Night Hawk

    I love the look and feel of these guitars but I suspect they are rather unpopular with everyone else. If only I could find one with all the nice stuff and three pickups....
  13. Nugget

    Instrument insurance rip off.

    I don't know if this is a problem worldwide but insurance companies in the UK are absolute bastards when it comes to insuring musical instruments. My home & contents insurance would cover my gear but not if I strayed outside with it or went to a gig etc.. Oh and look out if I earned any money...
  14. Nugget

    Gibson Les Paul HD 6X Pro

    Does anyone have any experience with the Gibson Les Paul HD 6X Pro ? I'm tempted to buy one but get the feeling it may be a bad call.
  15. Nugget

    Taste In Pickups

    Just wondering what the players on this forum look for in a humbucker. I notice that there's quite a lot of talk about re-issues but shredding too. So, (without any sales pitches going on), are the pickups to have at the moment hot or not?
  16. Nugget

    Shed Pickups

    Just a quick line to alert you guys to my company: We're called Shed Pickups and we make handwound pickups for all Gibson and Fender guitars. We really know about pickups and tone and feel our products are the perfect answer to your tone quest. We're based in the UK but we ship to anywhere...
  17. Nugget

    Les Paul Standard Birdseye

    I have one of these in Honey Burst. I love it yet I get the feeling that most people hate a birdseye top? I have to say though, the other bursts I've seen on birdseye don't look very nice at all.

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