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  1. six-string

    She's Got Beautiful Scars

    Just saw this '59 Burst listed in Toronto. It's not any closet classic but it's not bad either for a guitar that's been played and enjoyed for 60 years. A few bumps and bruises. A headstock repair that looks solid. Mostly original parts (incl. pups, pots etc) . Maybe if I shake that piggy...
  2. six-string

    Life Shows No Mercy

    With all the bad news of climate disasters (hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, etc.) i thought i'd start a thread about stupid everyday stuff that you can only laugh at.... today i decided to drive over to the beer store to drop off some empties and buy a few replacements. simple enough...
  3. six-string

    Lee 'Scratch' Perry - another one gone

    Lee 'Scratch' Perry- the Jamaican reggae producer/musician/etc. who pretty much invented 'Dub' and 'Scratch' mixing of music has died at 85. If you enjoyed the 70s and early 80s era of reggae you probably heard more than few groups Perry worked with. Worked with many of the greats including...
  4. six-string

    Walter Yetnikoff of CBS records
  5. six-string

    What's The Best Present You Ever Gave for Christmas?
  6. six-string

    Hey Boo Boo What's For Lunch?
  7. six-string

    Just another day at the beach

  8. six-string

    1952 Les Paul Amp

    check this out. currently on offer at 12th Fret in Toronto. a 1952 Les Paul amplifier. in good working order apparently. all original except a new grounded 3 prong electric cord and a handle replaced. (probably some tubes replaced along the way too...) Just looks very cool. Check out the Les...
  9. six-string

    Found Art

    2 different stories in the news this week about found art. First a story of someone finding an original portrait painting by David Bowie (yes he was a painter as well as a musician) in a Goodwill donation bin. The painting was bought for $5 and now has been verified as authentic and is being...
  10. six-string

    Happy Mother's Day

    Don't freak out....but it's Mother's Day. Did you buy cards and flowers? May I suggest you take your mother out to Howard Johnson's for some clams.
  11. six-string

    It's Naked Gardening Day!

    Get out and celebrate!! apparently it is really a thing...who knew?
  12. six-string

    electric slide

    Admittedly my slide guitar skills are just enough to get me in trouble. I'm no Ry Cooder but I have learned a few scales and tricks and can have fun in standard, open-g or open-e tunings. I came across this guitar recently that has me intrigued. First bout of GAS I've had in years. I've always...
  13. six-string

    70 years ago in Korea

  14. six-string

    Petty Tribute

    Celebrating Tom Petty's 70th birthday! Lucinda Williams covers Tom Petty on double vinyl LP! Award-winning, revered singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams is working to help independent music venues during this time with the announcement of Lu's Jukebox. Scheduled as a six-episode series of mostly...
  15. six-string

    Best Friends for Life

  16. six-string

    Fun with Chainsaws

    NO.. not that kind of fun.. THIS kind of fun...
  17. six-string

    Strawberry Fields in A#maj

  18. six-string

    Archer's Mom is Dead tragic news...
  19. six-string

    It's Friday!

  20. six-string

    Happy birthday Ry Cooder

    Keep on slidin' on

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